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Developing a Line of Cookware: How to Choose the Right Pot and Pan Handles

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 15 Feb 2021

The home space has become even more important in the past year, with people giving more attention to cooking at home. This translates into a growing interest in the research of products that can stand out and be very visible, identifying the intrinsic content they convey for the purchaser. But who is the purchaser, who buys cookware for a household? Which person sees it first; is this the same person who makes the decision to buy it?

The answers to these questions help to form a detailed picture of the ideal customer one is trying to attract. Once this target market has been established, then the focus becomes what type of product to make.

This process is the same whether you are developing a new line of pot and pan handles, or are updating an existing line. The focus needs to be kept firmly on the consumer and their needs.

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Look at Latest DESIGN Trends for Inspiration

When working on your new cookware collection latest trends in cookware, homeware,  and global consumption can support you in your decisions.  Here a review of latest insights that can draw your inspiration:

New interesting materials are reaching the market, made from natural or sustainable elements (recycled aluminum, wood, natural Ecosystem).

Tribal and primitive patterns influences Designers for textiles, tabletops, and ceramics: Aztec-inspired and geometrical motifs in have become popular.

Rough stones from nature keep being relevant, especially for surfaces. They give a warm feeling and evolve in more hearty colors such as volcanic ash and lava stone.

Products improving life that are engineered to offer functionality, being smart and enhance the user cooking experience.


  • Warm neutral tones from the earth that bring a natural touch to urban landscape: sincere browns, terracotta, deep greens and black.
  • Mid-range tones will be in demand.
  • Pastels colors that are cooler and icier in tone.
  • Bright, rainbow-inspired colors inspire happy talk of optimism and consumers to want to bring these colors into their homes.
  • SeaWorld so many blues and greens as well as elements recalling fish, corals and waves.
  • Black and White is a theme that features patterns, stripes, and an animal print feel.
  • New Gold that is now less shiny and vintage look is an effective way to bring this precious metal into a decorating scheme in a subtle manner. It also inspires jungle prints.

If you want to know more about the newest design and color trends , read our dedicated article.

Functionality Importantance

“Smart” kitchens, where appliances and accessories help you with cooking, tracking grocery items and even make coffee, are becoming more popular all the time. Kitchens are becoming more efficient, with storage space at a premium.

Pots and pans with special functionalities, such as  detachable handles give consumers the flexibility to store their cookware in the way that makes the most sense for their kitchen layout and save space and time.

Adapt Trends to Target Market

When developing a line of cookware, an effective strategy is to gain inspiration from emerging trends and rework them to suit your product and your target market. Wood  and stone effects  didn’t fall out of favor from year to year. They can be interpreted in different ways and fit in with the current interest in using eco-friendly materials.


Consumers evaluate the impact that an object can have on the environment and this makes sustainability tremendously important right now. On a global scale, they are increasingly social, health and environmentally sensible. As we have examined in recent posts, there is a rising appeal in planet-friendly practices within homewares to the cookware industry. 

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