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F.B.M. New Removable Handle VIRTUS 

La Termoplastic F.B.M. announces new VIRTUS removable handle.

An Italian Design high-value accessory for functional and refined cookware lines.


VIRTUS REMOVABLE Cookware handle description

VIRTUS is designed to be an absolute top product that stands out for the brand new detachment system and its unique design. 

It attracts demanding customers thanks to the captivating form completing detachable high-end features.

Its innovative release system has a high temperature resistance fixed frontal part, which makes it suitable for cooking in the oven.

The thermosetting material is designed to be uniformly black and beautiful to look at thanks to the soft lines of its shape. This makes it unsharpened in case of hand contact and  it cools down more quickly.

Moreover the system is highly secure and guarantees high quality standards with a large and wide flame guard that provides maximum protection and elevates the overall product design.

Made in F.B.M. Italy.

Handles distinctive features

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MO VIRTUS - dimensioni

The VIRTUS product is available in one sizes and the lock can be in various attractive colors.


Italian design - patented


VIRTUS is manufactured with highest quality materials and process. It complies with EN 12383-1/2 regulations and with the US CMA standards. Furthermore, F.B.M. tested the detaching system according to all the demanding requirements of its Quality System Lab to ensure our F.B.M. QUALITY CERTIFIED seal, a warranty to retailers and end consumers about safety of the product.

This certifies that our clients and consumers can buy from us with confidence, knowing that they are purchasing cookware handle that will stand up well to the rigors of daily use.

VIRTUS is also available in F.B.M. ECOSYSTEM version.


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