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Plastic Handles on Cookware: Do you Perform Oven Safety Tests?

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 16 Sep 2019

When consumers are looking for new cookware, the idea of having oven safe pots and pans is a very attractive one. They can look forward to more flexibility in meal preparation if the pot design is heat resistant and can go easily from stovetop to oven.

The public can be more likely to associate a metal handle with this characteristic; however, metal handles easily reach high temperatures even during regularly cooking on a stove top, thus requiring the use of protection for daily cooking, which is inconvenient. Consumers have the option to choose phenolic plastic handle with high temperature resistance.

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A phenolic plastic higher heat resistant handle is manufactured to withstand high temperatures and remain comfortable to use during regular stovetop cooking. When the public is shopping for new cookware, they want to know that the products they are buying have been thoroughly tested for oven safety and performance.

Silit black pan amazon with handle by la termoplastic fbm

In the case of respected Italian cookware supplier F.B.M., the company can offer consumers the heat resistant pan handles they are looking for. Each of the company’s handles are available in a number of colors and attractive effects for a completely customized appearance to coordinate with a new or current product line.

Consumers feel comfortable buying F.B.M. cookware products because they know each one represents exceptional quality in design and innovation. The company is also well known for conducting oven safety tests to certify the caliber of its products, including the heat resistant pan handles in its collections, to confirm they will withstand the rigors of everyday use and more.