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Why cookware handles are important and how to choose them

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 27 Apr 2020

Cookware products are becoming an important element of our daily lives during this unique period of time. Due to constraint, smart working families and individuals are spending more and more time in the kitchen. Their risen awareness for cookware solutions will make them develop an even greater sensibility for cookware parts. A combination of proposals that combine functionality, safety and design will be highly regarded, especially by the young generation. For cookware manufacturers this means paying even more attention to producing cookware collections with these standards. 

When making a decision to buy or produce a new collection of quality pots and pans, finding the best product is not so easy. 

In the fifty-five years period that La Termoplastic F.B.M. has been involved in the sector and in the production of cookware handles, side handles and knobs for pots and pans, we have always welcomed the challenge of keeping up to date with changes in cookware trends.

And we fully understand why cookware handles are important and strategic in this context!

However, we also realize that not all users are aware of the essential qualities they should look for in a cookware handle. Therefore, this guide has been designed to explain why handles are important and how to choose and evaluate them.

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In this guide, we discuss the following topics:

1. Why the Handle is such an Important Feature

2. Design and Ergonomics: What to Look for

3. Safety Standards for Handles: Tests and Comparisons to ensure the Highest Quality Possible

4. F.B.M Certified Quality

5. Why Choose a High-Quality Handle?

6. An Overview of the Best Materials

7. Professional Quality

8. The Story Behind the F.B.M. Handle

9. Advice for Companies in the Cookware Sector

1. Why COOKWARE Handle is Such an Important Feature

They say that to understand the features and benefits of a product, you must look at it from the proper perspective. The handles of pots and pans are no exception.

They are an essential component of the most frequently used items in the kitchen and therefore merit careful study.

In fact, because we come into direct contact with the handle during cooking, it is of major importance to ensure that it is safe and manageable.

It must provide the user with the comfort, quality and safety to be expected from a product designed for everyday use.

It is also important to remember that the handle helps define and enhance the aesthetic appeal and quality of the product: when buying a pot, it’s the part that we look at and touch in order to help us determine whether the product is of superior or inferior quality.

Therefore, handles and knobs are the essential components that must be given the proper attention that they deserve (if you want to learn more read the post 3 Signs You Should Invest In Cookware Handle Design).

2. Design and Ergonomics: What to Look for

Whether you are buying an inexpensive product or investing in a medium-high quality pot, it is of utmost importance for the cookware handle to have a stable and comfortable grip.

This is why, when we talk about the perfect ergonomic cookware handle design, we refer to a series of studies conducted by F.B.M. on how to guarantee that all its products provide the same assurance of safety, control and comfort.

At F.B.M. we know that the size, shape and weight of the handle contribute to determining the consumer’s perceived quality of the product.

In order to obtain the best results possible, we decided to develop an accurate system which would allow us to carefully evaluate the various parts of the handle and its grip ergonomics.pan with mo victory handle by la termoplastic fbm

For example, certain optimal dimensions and proportions must be specified, and the handle should never hurt your hand due to uncomfortable and sharp edges.

With respect to design, we can confidently say that F.B.M. has always been known for its ongoing search for new shapes and details to ensure that the brand has a unique look.

A cookware handle represents countless hours dedicated to intense research and meticulous attention to details in order to create accessories designed for discerning clients.

Therefore, the handle has an esthetic function that can enhance and update even the simplest models, giving them a new appeal and making each pot or pan more attractive and desirable piece.

3. Handle Safety Standards: Tests and Comparisons to Ensure the Highest Quality Possible

Before being placed on the market, every handle is carefully evaluated to ensure that end user receives the best possible product. For this reason, numerous tests must be conducted to determine not only the actual manageability of the product in question, but also its ability to withstand the stress of constant use and continuous exposure to heat from stovetops and dishwashers.

Before mass production can begin, the different products are compared to each other and approved by a special committee who homologate the new item (learn more about cookware certifications).

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4. F.B.M. Certified Quality

To help you to understand what we mean by the certified quality of a product, we will refer to the international standards that pertain to kitchenware.

These guidelines share a sort of common language that is useful for those already operating in the sector who want to learn more about the products they can purchase and for those who are new to the world of cookware and want to find out as much as they can.

In both cases, being familiar with the most recent standards allows you to invest in quality products that live up to expectations and that can always guarantee excellent cooking results.

When referring to European standards, it is important to mention EN 12983-1, a section of the European regulation that relates to domestic cookware for the use on top of a stove, cooker or hob.

This standard specifies the safety and performance requirements that are applicable to all cookware, regardless of material or method of manufacture.

The CMA (Cooking Manufacturing Association) also details the engineering standards for cookware and bakeware in the United States.

These guidelines outline the necessary requirements for products used for foods cooked by direct contact with a heat source.

Such specifications are necessary to allow the user to choose from the products available on the market with full knowledge of the facts, so as to avoid making a mistake.

F.B.M. products complies with European standards and with the CMA requirements, where specifically requested, and all products are Quality Certified: the company’s quality logo shows la termoplastic fbm logo quality certified for quality cookware accessoriesthat the products have been manufactured following standards that are well-known and recognized both in Europe and in the United States.

Moreover, the ISO 9001 standards stipulate that raw materials and finished products must be carefully tested before they are placed on the market.

Furthermore, F.B.M. has developed new tests aimed at further improving the quality of pots and pans it manufactures.

They range from aging tests, which are designed to show how the product reacts to continuous use over time, to wear testing on painted handles, essential for determining color performance. These tests are useful to assess the critical parts of the products that are subjected to wear, before manufacturing the final product.

The F.B.M. brand name guarantees quality for our customers with respect to the three criteria considered fundamental for cookware: ergonomics, choice of materials, and functionality.

This allows us to offer our customers truly unique products which retain their qualities and hold up over time: the materials chosen are evaluated and approved only after undergoing long hours of testing, while functionality is rigorously checked through a series of innovative, but fundamental processes. 

5. Why Choose a High-Quality Handle?

Although this may seem to be a fairly obvious question, in reality, it isn’t. In fact, today many buyers still tend to prefer an immediate saving in cost and don’t consider the product’s actual features and attributes.

As a result, they find themselves cooking with equipment that is not best suitable for meal preparation, and which can deteriorates very quickly, and that can even be harmful to their health.

It is also important to note that pots and pans with high-quality handles are dishwasher safe and can even be sanitized at high temperatures for optimal cleaning.

6. An Overview of the Best Materials

When examining the handles of the different pans available on the market, it is clear that some materials are consistently used.

Thermoset, for example, is a plastic material with special insulating properties, making it suitable for continuous exposure to heat sources.

We specifically chose to produce thermoset handles because this material is durable over time, dishwasher safe, and is also ideal for creating the perfect handles for quality cookware.

The particular thermoset material that we chose is of a superior quality and is produced using a high-quality injection process: this advanced injection technology is unique because it guarantees excellent mechanical resistance, does not stress the materials during the production process, and has a very high-quality output.

Handles produced in this way offer the utmost handle by la termoplastic fbmprecision and comply with quality standards.

Furthermore, this system optimizes costs by producing low scrap rates in mass production and no additional finishing is required, which guarantees an extremely high-quality finished product.

With respect to its properties, thermoset has an excellent resistance and strength, and its low thermal conductivity prevents overheating of the handles.

This is a considerable advantage, especially by easily distracted cooks, because they can safely work in the kitchen.

All the handles produced by F.B.M. can sustain temperatures higher than those established by the EU guidelines EU12983-1 on cookware.

In fact, in order to verify compliance with this standard, our technicians tested different equipment at higher temperatures to ensure the safety of the product.

For more demanding customers, we also offer special product oven safe that can withstand temperatures up to 220°C, making them a specially welcome partner in the professional chef’s kitchen.

7. Professional Quality for Every Cook

All F.B.M. handles are designed for people who are looking for quality equipment, whether they are passionate home cooks or professionals who want to purchase products for their specific needs.

If it’s true that cooking is a hobby that is rapidly gaining popularity, it’s also true that there’s no point in buying quality ingredients if you can’t prepare them in the best possible way by using high-end pots and pans.

So, whether you are organizing a lunch with your friends, or preparing a gourmet meal for guests at your restaurant, cookware with F.B.M. handles will always be the best choice.

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8. The Story Behind the F.B.M. Fiftyone Handle

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, F.B.M. decided to create an iconic product that everyone would find eye-catching and inspiring.

The project was conceived by one of the two founders, Francesco Munari, the designer and the creative mind behind the company. He and his son Marco, who is currently the designer and the company’s technical manager, came up with the idea of developing a handle that featured two inverted triangles at each end, joined together with simple, clean lines.

The result was a product with a distinctive design, which could be customized with either a stainless steel insert or a plain finish.

handle mo fifty by la termoplastic fbm

In this way, the MO Fiftyone handle and the MO Fifty model were created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of F.B.M.

These handles, which are available in a plain version or with a stainless steel insert, have become international bestsellers. In both cases, the customer can choose to personalize the handle by adding a logo.

With the production of these models, F.B.M. has gained recognition as a manufacturer that respects its own traditions, while constantly embracing innovation.

This has enabled the company to achieve remarkable success and to continue to set and attain new goals. F.B.M. has the reputation of being a cookware handle manufacturer company that creates valuable partnerships, is attune to the latest trends, and is always able to offer high-quality products.

9. Advice for Companies in the Cookware Sector

Of course it’s not easy to find the best materials and finishes for extremely high-quality pots and pans.

Every manager would like to have the chance to create truly excellent products, showcasing to the world the commitment and professionalism of the team that designed and produced them.

This is why F.B.M. has decided to create products that are extremely durable and suitable for everyday use, without sacrificing their impeccable design.

Each piece can be customized in different colors and finishes in order to provide every company with the best possible product.

This is an invaluable opportunity for anyone wishing to become established in the cookware market, or for those who are thinking of updating or restyling their collections of pots and pans by creating something new and unique.

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