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American Cookware Market: Differences Between South and North America

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 13 May 2019

To appeal to consumers in North American and South American markets, a cookware collection must have certain distinct characteristics. This doesn’t mean that the same types of products appeal to buyers in both market, though.

Customers have distinct tastes when you’re trying to appeal to the American cookware market, which means that you need to be aware of which types of pot and pan handles will appeal in each one.

North America and South America are quite different markets due to their economies, cultures and cooking habits. To help you understand the wants and needs of consumers in each one, it makes sense to partner with a company with plenty of experience, having a local presence on the pulse of the market.

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South American Cookware Market

In South America, a significant portion of the population is living on a modest income. Family time is an important part of the culture and cooking is a major part of this. Consumers are attracted to budget-friendly products for everyday use.

For this market, two main factors influence the customer’s buying decisions. The first consideration is product cost, which is driven by the family budget. The second factor is cultural, meaning consumers are more likely to buy items produced locally.

South American consumers are more likely to purchase a product at a budget-friendly to medium price point. These consumers tend to prefer aluminum, non-stick pots and pans, with black and red being the most popular colors. Entry-level rivet handles, with sizes and lengths proportionate to the size of the pots (from five-inch size) are required to best suit these types of cookware.

North American Cookware Market

In the North American market, customers are more likely to seek out higher-quality products. The United States culture is often linked with bigger spaces and consequently many buyers don’t concern themselves with the issue of big objects occupying space and higher in price; they actively search for important products with significant weight and thickness which recall higher quality.

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Regulations and product safety are very important. The basic requirements for the US market are set by the Cookware Manufacturer Association Certification which since 1922 has promoted excellence in the cookware sector.

Regarding materials choice, consumers are looking for something that offers guaranteed strength and resistance. To provide these qualities, materials like steel are often used. Often, customers want products with extra details, inserts or covers made with silicone. Demand for detachable handles in silicone is less frequent in the North American cookware market.

These two markets do have some common points. Customers in both regions prefer cookware in a classic style, produced with traditional lines and colors and they are very interested in buying their pots and pans in complete collections and full sets, as opposed to individual pieces.

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