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Cookware Parts: Which Colors to Bring to your Collection

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 20 Jul 2020


As you are considering cookware parts and colors to include in your kitchen cookware collection, it is important to keep in mind that consumers are buying these types of products for practical reasons as well as aesthetic ones. On one hand, they need the product to perform well and last for several years. On the other hand, kitchen pots and pans collections should also be attractive.

F.B.M. developed an independent research in the home-world industry identifying popular trends based on contents, marketing plus, visual attractiveness and value offered. Colors strongly affect our purchasing decisions and are a powerful tool to explain concepts translating them into an effective value proposition.

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Among the latest tendencies presented by color and trends companies, we selected 6 main trends that will influence  cookware items. You can discover these trends in details in our brand new TREND BOOK. These are Sustainable and meaningful green; Brick and hearty tones; Design and Technology; Experience Blue; Mixing Metallics; Bright and Bold.

Colors we see for Table Tops for the Next 12-18 Months

To give you more curiosity and a real feeling of what these new trends would look like on product colors, F.B.M. prepared some previews for handles that embrace these exciting color trends.

Our color palette includes warm neutrals such as charcols, brickred, heartytones and deepgreen that bring a natural feel to urban story.

Brick colors also recall the focus on climate change and warming planet but brings more focus on traditional things that are created from the earth.

image (5)
Matt black is also a loved color for enhance and combine with these.

matte - Edited
Within the Design and Technology trend, options explore technology applied in developing new ideas and inspirations on products. An example explores the use of technology in creating special layers of colors that turn to iridescent and radiantly bright reflecting colors in the visible spectrum within a fraction of second.

image (2)
Green continues to be a star of the future kitchen collections in new and renovated versions, gaining connotation in recalling properties, plants and feelings. Here an example in vintage minty fresh. Greens keep on matching very well with wood style options that also evolves in new textures and matching colors, here a warm and neutral Rovere wood.

verde legno (1)Within metallic, Gold has gained the glamorous feeling in the kitchen but it won’t be any more so bright and shiny, turning instead to burnished and matte such as bronze-looking and green gold. Mixing it with plain white or black and with different colors of metallic such as gold and silver together within the same range or product is rising.

Colori-manici-cover (1) (1)


We keep on exploring the colors and trends world by taking lessons, travelling and carefully observing related and avant-garde sectors. This year we developed a brand new TREND BOOK focusing on most relevant tendencies and colors that can inspire new cookware creations for best appealing to final consumers.

Cooking is a pleasurable activity, that many people enjoy and color influences 50-85% of purchasing decisions, we are strongly affected by colors. With that fact in mind, F.B.M. can offer you a wide range of color options to inspire and match your styles. 

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