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Global Home and Living Trends to Watch for in the next years

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 1 Apr 2019

F.B.M. had the privilege of attending three major trade fairs recently. During our travels in Europe, the United States and South America, we were able to make note of some home and living trends that will have a major impact on design trends for 2020 and on. These trends will also have a trickle-down effect on kitchenware and cookware designs, as homeowners are interested in achieving attractive, coordinated looks throughout their indoor environments.

Home and Living Trends You’ll See in the Near Future

We’re seeing homeowners looking to their dwelling as a place of refuge. They want their home to be someplace safe where they can go unwind after a busy day spent at work or school. To that end, it’s important to choose the products coming into the home carefully. Consumers will be choosing non-toxic products more than ever, and deliberately shying away from single-use items in favor of ones that produce less or no waste.
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Convenience may have been a key feature for consumers at one time; however, their priorities have swung back toward choosing quality products that will last and are manufactured consciously. The public is more likely to give some thought to how much waste they are creating when they are choosing a product, and they want to be sure that what they are choosing can be used for long time.

Smaller apartments mean that multifunctional furniture will increase in popularity. The market for home furnishing designed specifically for smaller spaces will also see an uptick.

When dealing with a smaller space overall, it becomes even more important to stay tidy.

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Millennials have found that the world outside their homes is filled with many situations that are out of their control. Since this generation can’t dominate a number of things that happen in their world (conditions at work, economics, politics, weather, etc.), they unknowingly feel comfort and relief in controlling their own home space.

It this light, it becomes even more important to invest in appliances and objects that help in create a customized, clean and quality environment in the home.

Part of customizing a home includes creating a space where the occupants can seek deeper connections with the Universe. The home is a place of contemplation where noise, harsh lights and technology can be put on hold. Mindfulness and stress reduction through relaxation are priorities in safe, healthy environment.

Brands are changing the way they promote to consumers, too. We’re seeing candid images from consumers in their homes being used in social and communication campaigns, as opposed to ones staged by a designer. As a result, brands are finding it easier to speak directly to their target audience.

F.B.M. Understands new Modern Consumers Needs

F.B.M. knows that for many people, home is a place where they look forward to relaxing at the end of a stressful day. Cooking healthy meals is part of the way to make the transition from the demands of the outside world to enjoying spending time in a peaceful, safe space.

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Food preparation is an entire experience. As someone cuts, chops, stirs and seasons, it’s difficult for them to focus on anything other than what they are cooking. When you add high-quality cookware into the mix, the kitchen almost becomes a sacred space.

F.B.M. is an expert in respecting the sacredness of cookware and we are always careful to predict and anticipate living trends that will be decisive for our industry.

Keep following us, in the next articles we will deal more specifically with the most relevant trends and we will give you useful advice to develop your line of pots and pans. If you want some anticipations, just contact us today and we will share with you the right consultation.

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