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Main Cookware Color Trends 2020

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 27 May 2019

Color trends in home decor change, just as the hot colors in key industries such as automotive and electronics don’t stagnate and get continuous inspiration from each other. In this blog post, we will look at the latest cookware color trends that will influence the market for 2020.

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Color Trends 2020 According to Pantone Color Institute List

The Pantone Color Institute is an expert in predicting upcoming color trends for home and interiors, industrial, fashion, cosmetics and multi-media design.

We were excited to attend a lecture given by Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eisemam about “Color for a New Era: Trends, Twists and Tweaks”.

Eisemam presented an overview on upcoming trends in colors that are going to shape the Houseware industry. 

These important trends includes gentle, natural colors, warm browns, bright metallics and elegant neutrals.

Here a selection from us that will well impact in the cookware sector for the next year:

  • Pastels are highly considered and are taken to another level, changing look combining inspirations from multiple cultures, with pink and yellow being a great match.what-you-need-to-know-about-2019-cookware-trends-1
  • Hydration is a key concept and the water world is gaining momentum everywhere, mediterranean and dark blues are peaceful colors that reminds the viewer that the home is a sanctuary and a place for contemplation and meditation.
  • Lavender is also another tone guaranteed to provide a relaxing atmosphere in house.
  • Two other colors in the cool spectrum identified as trendy for 2020 are green sage and lime, that we will keep seeing in different products from the automotive to the home decorations.
  • Rainbow and iridescent effects are new interesting, effective way to introduce metals into a decorating scheme while creating a high-tech feel.
  • Gold is growing and will be used in wide ranges and new ways: new brassy look with a green-gold, bronze-like appearance is becoming popular. Choosing gold and bronze styles are a good way to introduce natural elements into the design.
  • Warm, whisky-inspired browns and hearty tones are also on-point colors for this year.
  • Black and white continues to be the ultimate colors for elegance and sophistication, the new outlook is using them together in new striping and patterns to create energy and dynamism.

Blue trend: a focus on all the shades of the ocean

"Water creates an exciting interplay of blue, green and grey shades. Mixed tones of blue give a special character to the surface of the design object – for example, by creating depth and a sense of balanced well-being."

That's what Insa Doan, trend researcher from Rosenthal, says on Ambiente Blog. As we dive into the search for the Living Coral, another trend emerges in contrast: the trend of blue.

In recent years there has been a strong awakening of awareness to the theme of sustainability and protection of the oceans, therefore colors such as blue, light blue and herbal tea are very popular and wanted.

The impact of this marine trend has influenced decorations, interiors, design and catwalks. The most popular shades range from fresh water tones ranging from blue-grey to turquoise.

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Cookware Colour Trends: Difference Between Local Markets

Consumer tastes definitely vary depending by location. In Northern countries both in America and Europe, customers are drawn to more classic colors such as black, red and grey. These choices offer a high-quality look and feel giving the sensation of a durable and serious product.

Differently, consumers in Southern Europe, Middle and Far East countries are more often drawn toward more colorful solutions for cookware which can also be very bright and such as light blue, pink and green.

Glossy finishes are also quite popular there.

Independently from their location, Millennials, no matter where they live, are much more innovative in their cookware choices. They are more likely to buy complete sets of colored accessories, which then make up a dominant element of their kitchen and table furnishings.

A new and very inspiring trend coming from the US, that we want to point out, is the behave for some families to invest in a set of cookware in different colors for a family member with food allergies.

This is a smart solution that can keep food that will trigger a reaction away from the person with sensitivities.

Kitchen Color Trends and Cookware Trends Closely Linked

More and more consumers will focus on a particular kitchen color trend that they like and make a point of looking for coordinating all kitchen accessories and cookware, too.

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