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Raggio: A Customizable Cookware Handle Choice with Multiple Options

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 11 Feb 2019

The choice of cookware handles really does set the tone for the pot and pan collection they accessorize. F.B.M. can offer you a number of options that will help you find just the right color, finish and style to work with your product line to ensure that it will appeal to your target market. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our popular options: the Raggio handle. It has a distinct and very appealing look and can be customized to suit your needs.

Raggio Cookware Handles: A Uniquely Distinctive Style

The Raggio handle is immediately recognizable due to its unique, rounded shape and smooth curves, making for a timeless design. The plate was deliberately designed to use a significant amount of space on the surface of the handle to create a contrast of the elements. The concept came from the idea of a plated handle that would combine a customizable texture and versatility.

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One of the most successful version of it is the Raggio Carbon style, which is a special version with a carbon effect that mimics the appearance of carbon fiber. It’s extremely popular as a premium material for its elegant appearance and its ability to add character to a product.

Raggio’s wide front plate can also be customized to suit our customer’s specific needs with their cookware collection.

The special aluminum flame guards for the handle is also a unique feature completing the design, thanks to its peculiar rounded shape.

Customizable Insert Increases Design Options


The wide insert that of the Raggio handles and matching side handles for casseroles, set apart from other models and can be customized with different textures. Since it can be added to any pot or pan, Raggio easily allows you to change or update an existing merchandise line without making major design changes. The handle is available in two sizes to fit all pots diameters, from smaller to wider ones. Simply add new handles and you have an exciting, new product line!

The set can be also coated in several colors and effects to create pots and pans that coordinate with today’s modern kitchen decor. We can also add lettering and logos to the handles for a completely unique look.

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F.B.M. Stands for Certified Quality in Cookware

When you want the best in design, innovation and (of course) certified quality in cookware handles and pans, look no further than F.B.M. We have been in business for more than half a century and during that time, we have been working with customers from various locations worldwide.

Our focus during this time has been on providing high-quality products without sacrificing one ounce of creativity. We think that you’ll agree our Raggio pot and pan handles succeed tremendously in this regard.

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