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Developing a Line of Cookware: the Pot and Pan Handle as a Positioning Asset

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 3 Jul 2023

Handles and knobs are essential components of pots and pans. They also play an important role as a positioning asset, since they are a key plus of the cookware that become crucial in defining its level and the final look. The cookware accessories can be introduced to the market by category: entry levelmedium or high-level product depending from the handle shape, size, functional features, materials and effects.

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Definition of Market Positioning

Positioning is about finding a particular space in the market for a company that is true to the way it conducts business. It’s about what a company decides to focus on, which includes a specific target market, the price points that will appeal to the company’s “ideal customers” and what makes a company stand out from its competition.



For example, an entry-level cookware will be a lighter, more manageable product.

image002-1One example is the F.B.M. Fly Handle, a product concept that, despite being highly-competitive, offers functionality (a spoon rest) that translates into higher added value for the consumer. Another example is the MO285 handle, which has an innovative anti-overheating patent exclusive to our company. This is because we believe that we can offer functional and practical solutions in the area of entry-level utensils and accessories with attractive designs, without impacting the price!

At the medium quality level, cookware is a bit heavier and needs a fuller, more sturdy handle that represents these features, even before the customer picks up the pot.

The higher level line of pots and pans is usually the heaviest one and they need an impressive handle that fully supports their weight and look.


Next, you make a decision about the handle shape. The robustness and the type of decorations added to them can be changed to reflect the product level: colored plastic or steel inserts (with or without a logo) add to the premiumness as well.

Handles with steel inserts are often appreciated for prestige level cookware, independently from the wideness of the insert, and they definitely state a higher level of the product.

Anyhow, pay close attention to the design details. It’s possible for an entry level collection to have a trendy designer handle. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be attractive and highly functional.

Sustainable Cookware Solutions by F.B.M.

The kitchen as an ecosystem dedicated to health and well-being, becomes a place where consumers can create meaningful experiences.

FBM's products, particularly the eco-handles, embody this new desire for well-being and a green lifestyle.

We studied a new material that combines a thermoset composite in part made by natural and regenerated materials from the recovery of product wastes. This new line of cookware accessories, named ECOSYSTEM Black, reduces resources and emissions through the employment of regenerated material, and lowers the use and consumption of artificial chemicals, which are replaced by natural materials from sustainable sources.Image Credits SGS (1) copia 2

Ecosystem is available with a wide range of handles, side-handles and knobs designs, all in total black look or in dye-free version.

Kindly contact us today if you have questions about our new products line or to arrange a personal consultation.

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