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ECOSYSTEM validated by UL for Recycled Content and Bio Based Content.

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 19 Jun 2023

F.B.M., as leading brand in the production of cookware components and handles, has embraced a holistic approach to sustainability. Beyond environmental considerations, F.B.M. recognizes that sustainability encompasses economic, social, and emotional well-being. Today, consumers seek products designing for sustainability, like the eco-handle that offers control, ease of use, and a clear understanding of its benefits.

F.B.M. understands these needs and strives to improve its customers’ lifestyles by promoting well-being, emotional health, and responsibility through kitchen products.

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F.B.M. Product Lines and UL Environmental Claim Validation

F.B.M. is a forerunner in the industry to introduce a line of validated cookware accessories made from bio-based, reclaimed and recycled materials. This product is designed to meet the needs of a market that is increasingly aware of environmental issues.

The willingness to keep investing and offering new solutions to our valued customers and end users, lead us to further improve the Ecosystem line, through an extremely authoritative global leader inspection company which is highly specialized in sustainability challenges.

F.B.M. focused on certifying its Ecosystem range and in the specific:
  • ECOSYSTEM BLACK. The product line developed with the idea of being the most sustainable handle range, while meeting the consumer’s daily use needs, and maintain the classic black color of cookware accessories.
  • ECOSYSTEM LOOK AT ME. A new version of the sustainable Ecosystem range, that embraces a more ambitious and expansive concept of being and looking planet friendly. This product line is distinguished by its dye-free handles, side-handles, and knobs. All of them have a distinctive greenish color and no two are exactly alike, like in nature.

Both lines have a clear lifestyle benefit: the one and only Bio Based and Recycled cookware component.Image Credits SGS (1) copia 2

How do you improve people's lifestyles? What is the message?
By providing superior environmental performance using handles, side handles and knobs with performances that have been independently and objectively validated using UL’s rigorous science-based approach.
The kitchen is increasingly an ecosystem dedicated to health and wellness care, a place of inclusiveness, and the only part of the pan we interact with when cooking is the handle.

Hence, the importance of promoting wellness, emotional health, and responsibility, including through the kitchen and particularly with eco handles that become substantial expression of green cookware range.

F.B.M.'s commitment to eco-sustainable production has received recognition through the prestigious UL Environmental Claim Validation. F.B.M. has recently been awarded two Environmental Product Validations as result of the UL Certification.  2023-05-LA-TERMOPLASTIC-36-Percent-RECYCLED-ECV-Mark-Green-png2023-05-LA-TERMOPLASTIC-37-Percent-BIOBASED-ECV-Mark-Green-png

UL Recycled Content Validation Marks; one for its ECOSYSTEM product line and one for its LOOK AT ME product line. These Marks mean that the company can showcase its progress in achieving a commitment incorporating recycled content in its products.

Additionally, the UL Bio-Based Content Certification Marks give UL’s ECOSYSTEM and LOOK AT ME product lines a unique advantage by showcases FBM's use of materials derived from renewable resources, materials living in a natural environment in equilibrium with the atmosphere, further minimizing the ecological impact.

High-quality, Sustainable Materials for Ecosystem

The brand's philosophy embraces a 360-degree sustainable approach. This policy aims to cultivate a higher culinary experience and foster inclusivity and exchange. The kitchen as an ecosystem dedicated to health and well-being, becomes a place where consumers can create meaningful experiences. FBM's products, particularly the eco-handles, embody this new desire for well-being and a green lifestyle.

By selecting products with clear, verified, and certified attributes, we make a deliberate and accountable decision that enables us to invest in durable cookware
This is one of the most crucial considerations when establishing a sustainable dining space. Investing in sustainable kitchen materials that are eco-friendly and long-lasting can help reduce the impact on the environment and result in a healthier planet.Image Credits SGS (1)-1

F.B.M. carefully selects sustainable and high-quality materials for their cookware handles and accessories. Through their advanced design center and dedicated research and development department, F.B.M. ensures that their products deliver a pleasant and safe experience for end-users. The production process is highly automated, guaranteeing maximum quality and reliability.

4-May-03-2023-03-26-46-8814-PMThe raw materials we use the most come from carefully selected and controlled supply chains to create a virtuous value chain.

Originally, the thermoset material mainly used in the manufacture of our products was considered a non-recoverable raw material, and all residues were sent to landfills. In recent years, the company has initiated a project to recover production waste from thermoset molding by installing machinery that reintroduces the material as filler.
This process has led to the launch of a new product line called ECOSYSTEM. The product line is made from a combination of raw materials of natural origin and internally regenerated production waste.

Elevate Your Cooking Experience with F.B.M.'s Sustainable Cookware Solutions

F.B.M.'s sustainable approach to cookware accessories and handles reflects its commitment to a greener and more conscious future. By prioritizing well-being, emotional health, and responsibility, F.B.M. creates products that enhance people's lifestyles in the kitchen. The company’s dedication to sustainability, supported by innovative product lines and certifications, showcases its mission to provide eco-friendly solutions that align with consumers’ values (sustainable, high-quality, and user-friendly cookware).

Through F.B.M.'s products, individuals can actively contribute to a more sustainable world while enjoying the benefits of a well-designed and green lifestyle.

Contact us today if you have more questions about the sustainability trend in cookware or if you are interested to check this new line of products.

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