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F.B.M. MO VICTORY Handle: Elegance, Prestige and Ergonomics Joined Together

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 14 Jan 2019

As a pot and pan manufacturer or a cookware trading company, you are looking for a partner who can offer you the right handle to complement your product lines and a solution offering the details your target market will find appealing. When the object of your search is a professional style handle that your customers will find appealing and well designed, consider the F.B.M.  VICTORY handle.

Looking for top quality and design handles for your new cookware collection?  Take a look at the best seller products and discover what F.B.M. can do for  you.The VICTORY handle is one of the latest models created by our company. Available in a plain design or with the stylish front part that can be personalized with your logo embossed in it, this design is one that has resonated with the main manufacturers and cookware buyers.


Meet the F.B.M. MO VICTORY Handle: Features


The VICTORY handle has a professional-looking style. It’s immediately recognizable as a top-quality handle by its solid shape and well-defined lines. The eye is also drawn to this handle’s wide and pronounced bezel.


The VICTORY handle has been designed with the preferences of the modern consumer in mind. This handle’s modern design with its distinctive “V for Victory” shape gives it a premium look that will immediately draw the eye of even the most discerning customer.


The generous surface area and full structure support the handle’s easy finger grip. There is a fine contrast between the surface pattern and the upper hole located toward the handle grip. This professional-level product is an ideal addition to your premium range of pans.


The VICTORY handle can be coated in a variety of attractive and appealing colors. It can also be further personalized by either embossing or printing your logo on it. It matches with a large and wide front flameguard that additionally upgrade the products and can be in stainless steel or aluminum up to your choice.

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This handle is in full compliance with EU standard regulation EN 12983-1. This is the European regulation that specifies the safety and performance requirements for cookware for home use on top of a stove, a hob or a cooker. The regulation applies to all cookware, regardless of what material it is made from or the way it is made.


Look to F.B.M. for Italian Design and Practical Solutions


F.B.M. has been manufacturing pot and pan handles for over half a century. We have had the privilege of working with the largest cookware producers in the world. Our product catalog includes lines at various price points, from ones that will appeal to budget-minded consumers to mid-range and luxury levels. F.B.M. will also work with clients who wish to place custom orders for products.

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