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The New Colored Handles by La Termoplastic F.B.M.

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 7 Oct 2019

Have you checked our new Trend Book about hot colors in cookware for next year?

Our previous posts have touched on the research we have been conducting on the next hot kitchen color trends. The results have revealed fascinating data, which has been confirmed by trends previews throughout 2019 and is expected to affect home colour trends for next years.

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New Color Trends in Cookware Handles

To give you more curiosity and a real feeling of what these new colors woul look like on product, F.B.M. has prepared some previews for handles that embrace these exciting color trends.

Green Evolution:

Sage’s soothing tone brings to mind this herb’s wonderful properties for cooking and as a natural remedy. We applied it for you to see on our brand new handle POLO in a pleasant soft touch version, which is perfect to complement the texture feeling of the sage leaf and these gentle qualities.

sage green handle sample in soft touch finish by la termoplastic fbm

Lime as a handle color sets a much different tone for kitchenware. It creates an instant statement for consumers looking to create a modern edge by choosing acid and citric green. To make this choice really pop, choose a glossy finish.


Hearty Tones:

Terracotta color handles that bring warm orange and brown tones are typical of the earth element consumers are drawn to now. To remind them of this natural element, we propose this color in a matte a finish to enhance the real appearance of this tint.


Browny Gold:

Metals are still popular for interior design. To appeal to that group of consumers, we offer Browny Gold colored handles. This blend of bronze and gold will satisfy the most discerning of cookware buyers with its rich, unique appearance.


Would like to see some of these handles and more color in real? For more information on the new kitchen colour trends and samples, please just contact us.

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