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The Rising Importance of Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 22 May 2023

The kitchen is increasingly an ecosystem dedicated to take care of health and wellbeing, and the only part of the pan we interact with when cooking is the handle.

Empowering a healthier and safer wellbeing, making positive lifestyle choices is the purpose of Active Shield.

A new concept of “wellness,” which must be understood more and more holistically. 

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Trend Toward Higher safety and hygiene in the kitchen 

Personal hygiene has come to the forefront with people recognizing the importance of handwashing and using surface disinfectants to prevent infections. The use of antibacterial products has grown exponentially. Consumers have focused their attention increasingly towards products with these features, in the kitchen specifically.

The kitchen is increasingly an ecosystem dedicated to take care of health and wellbeing, and the only part of the pan we interact with when cooking and when we touch the pan is the handle, so to be able to offer a product which is not only safe but which is always clean, improves the quality of life and  well-being of the person using it.

Therefore, hygiene has become the main ingredient in every kitchen's food safety recipe. But how to preserve our health and enjoy a safe and sanitized while cooking?

What if We Could Choose CLEAN HANDLEs product? 

The importance of managing and passing items in a way that reduces bacterial contamination between multiple surfaces is even greater if we think of the retail store where a product is handled and passed on by many people during transport and storage and finally in store by potential buyers. Having a product with antibacterial properties allows you to select an item with more security and peace of mind, both for the supply chain and for the buyer and end user. Think about it: a disinfectant will kill bacteria for a given timeframe. If you do not continue to clean the item, the bacteria will return.

Empowering a healthier and safer wellbeing, making positive lifestyle choices is our purpose. Within this context, F.B.M. has launched a new product line with clean technology to offer you antibacterial effectiveness. Active Shield is born as a meaningful innovation, the perfect option for consumers in pursuit of good hygiene and health. The Clean Handles product line contains anti-microbial properties which eliminates contamination and consequently improve people’s daily well-being from the moment of production through to the kitchen.

Having a product with antibacterial properties inside the material it is made of, it does not allow bacteria to grow on it anymore. Therefore, combining this product with regular cleaning will ensure maximum antibacterial effectiveness.Schermata 2023-03-13 alle 11.06.31

With F.B.M. Active Shield, you have a new weapon at your disposal in the ongoing battle against harmful microorganisms. It ensures hygienic clean handles and eliminates more than 99,9% of bacteria on the handle’s surface.

The antibacterial effectiveness of F.B.M. Active Shield has been tested according to the International Standard ISO 22196:2011 Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

F.B.M. Stands for Certified Quality Cookware

F.B.M. Active Shield keeps the cookware handle clean and sanitary. It is a socially-responsible product offering peace of mind to everyone who comes in contact with it. It offers consumers longterm protection and guarantees more complete hygiene, not only on the surface but also the whole product, thus improving consumers’ health and making the overall cooking experience more enjoyable. 

When you want the best in design, innovation, and certified quality in cookware handles and pans, look no further than F.B.M.

F.B.M. wants to be on the market as your consultant partner providing products at the forefront in terms of design, quality and functionality. Research, experimentation and continuous innovation guide our business.

Our products are tested in laboratories according to main international regulations and frame of reference, and our focus has always been on providing high-quality products without sacrificing creativity.

Download our paper to know more about the innovative product line F.B.M. Active Shield and contact us to arrange a consultation.

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