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Our Business Response to Coronavirus: What is Important for Cookware Manufacturers Now

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 15 Jun 2020

There is no question that the current pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on businesses of all sizes. The coronavirus influence on supply chain has been felt when retailers could not keep their shelves rotating. Several types of shops and retailers were forced to close and many companies were not allowed to work, other entrepreneurs have been faced with a business interruption due to lockdown restrictions. 

Amid these challenging times, what should cookware manufacturers be focusing on now? We explored a few considerations about our perspective on the cookware business and the opportunity to appeal to customers in a new way in our recent post. Now, we want to focus on one thing that should not slip far from view: the importance of rethinking our supply chain and include proximity as a new relevant factor.

Supply Chain Proximity Important for Cookware Manufacturers

Even today, many businesses are partially closed. Those companies that opened may still be operating under restrictions or with lower levels of productivity that we have not seen before. We must face the idea that this condition may continue for the next few months, if not longer. How can businesses cope with this situation from a production perspective?

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It will become even more important to work with strategical partners that can guarantee sustainable value and continuative presence within your value chain. This could simply mean that are located also geographically closer. With the difficulty of transporting raw materials and goods (along with the increased costs in doing so), fragmented and far away supply chains are a risk and it makes the most sense to develop partners and business relationships at a local level. 

In the wake of the pandemic lockdown, companies are forced to stay physically closer to their territory and travelling is still a big unknown for all employees. The proximity of the suppliers will become increasingly important even in the future. 

F.B.M. Supports You with Multiple Workplaces

F.B.M. is the only cookware handle manufacturer with four factories located throughout the world in different continents. 

We can be close to our customers within their macro-region — where we can give you physical support both in terms of staff proximity and for logistics and service.

F.B.M. Global Standards

On one side, we can offer products and services geographically closed to your business and from the other side, you are dealing with an international group that continues to have contacts with supply chains and companies in all parts of the world. This means we can bring in local companies with a global market view and perspective, which is no longer easy to have access, due to cancellations of trade fairs and restrictions to move around the world as easily as before.

At a time when closure imposes a physical slow-down of the flow of goods —having F.B.M. as your partner that is geographically close but maintains a global vision gives you a definite advantage. 

New Ways of being Your Cookware Handle Partner

We have been working to organize a safe action plan in order to be closer to you and always oriented toward the future. 

We prioritize human capital taking into account employees’ needs and we have reorganized our customer’s proximity strategy, strengthening the information available online. Every week you can enjoy a new article published on this Blog. 

In addition, you can have updated version of our catalogues and more product’s information in digital version. 

F.B.M. virtual team

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Positive Outcome for the Homeware and Cookware Industry

A positive and generally envision is that, this peculiar period imposes greater importance on the kitchen environment and all the tools and objects to improve its experience.

Purchase and consumption habits can move towards products and services that affect the home, especially the kitchen. Families will concentrates on shopping for home so we expect housewares sales to increase.  Great loyalty operations — surely the push towards promotional activities will see enthusiasm and people will enjoy promotional activities with value.

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