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Coronavirus impact on Houseware Business: what does it mean for the Cookware Industry

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 18 May 2020

Consumers have been adopting social distancing as their “new normal” over the past few months. It has meant making major lifestyle changes to stay at home much more than usual. However, what about the coronavirus impact on homeware business, and in the specific on the cookware one? This “lockdown period” helped increase the demand for “indoor” and “houseware products”, providing new business opportunities for the household and cookware industry.

Consumers Turn to Houseware Shopping 

As consumers are spending more time at home, their interest for home products is increasing.

The buying public is curling up in their comfortable clothes and looking for ways to keep themselves and their family members entertained. Sales of exercise gear, outdoor/indoor games, home and garden items has definitely booming (source: BBC NEWS), U.S. puzzle sales soar 370% year over year  (source: CNBS) and sales of food products such as meat, seafood, and eggs surged by 989% (Spain) as people are spending more time cooking.  

More time cooking also means a greater awareness of kitchen space and cookware utensils. This will have a strong impact on the entire cookware industry. 

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Cookware Industry can Enjoy a Renaissance

F.B.M. believes that the cookware industry is a mature market and that now, there is the opportunity to appeal to customers in a new way. Cookware is a solid purchase, but most people don’t think about it unless they are involved in cooking. With people staying inside, a much bigger audience have discovered or rediscovered the joy of cooking. They have also become aware of the need for quality cookware

In this scenario, we predict that the housewares market will see a spike in the future months. 

Business owners may have concerns about coronavirus impact on supply chain. Now is the time to cultivate relationships with quality suppliers to keep safe stock of popular items available for consumers. This strategy will keep delays to a minimum and cultivate positi


ve relationships with consumers. 

Moreover, the rise of promotional activities or loyalty operations can make cookware even more appealing. Having consumers much more focused on in-home activities, will make them looking for products that can improve and create a better home environment and cultivate new passions. Working on special promotions for cookware can improve the purchasing conversion path on line and in store. F.B.M. global presence, let us experienced a positive feedback on promotional activities for cookware running now during Covid period.

Maxi-Supermercati-pentole-Nerida-GianniniIn this outlook, choosing the right cookware handle for your collection to become appealing on promotion is necessary.  (if you want to learn more about why cookware handles are important and how to choose them please read our dedicated article).

Especially for top loyalty campaigns, choose attractive and ergonomically comfortable cookware handles can encourage consumers to buy now. 

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