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Cookware Handle Design: the positioning asset you should consider developing your product

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 17 Jan 2022

Will your next line of pot and pan handles be an entry, medium or prestige-level? The choice of the target market is extremely important as the final features and appearance of the product depend on it.

The product category is determined by several factors such as material, thickness, type of cookware body, coating and of course handles. As we know, handles and knobs play an important role since they are a fundamental plus of the cookware and an element of evaluation by potential buyers. Customers in each group will look for different things in their cookware, and handles will need to be different for each consumer group, for example, higher level lines will likely appeal to a more demanding audience, while a basic or mid-level line will attract a broader market.

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Entry, Medium and Prestige Level Handles

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An entry level pot will probably feel lighter to pick up than a medium or prestige-level one.

Anyhow, It’s possible for an entry level collection to have a trendy handle. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be attractive and highly functional, too.

Medium-level pot will give the sensation of being of higher level in quality and heavier than an entry-level one. Its handle will need a fuller, sturdier appearance that clearly indicates these features to the consumer before they pick up the product.

At the prestige level, pots and pans are the strongest in appearance and materials thickness. This type of premium product needs a high-quality handle to support its additional quality and feature look.

Pot Handle DESIGN

Once the matter of the product’s target market has been defined, the next decisions that need to be made revolve around the specifics of the handles design.

The difference between the entry, medium and prestige level pot handles is in the design, size, structure, shape and embellishments that can be added.

For example, as the quality level increases, the cookware handles themselves become robust and more solid . While an entry line of pot handles may be relatively plain, as you move into medium and prestige level, you will see more elaborate embellishments appearing among available options.Senza titolo

All F.B.M. handles are manufactured in thermosetting compounds, quality certified by F.B.M. and comply with the safety standards of the reference market. We always want to add some features even to the simplest model so to give an added value and differentiation point also to entry level lines. Adding colored plastic or steel inserts with pad printing or engraved logo is a detail that will immediately catch the buyer’s attention and give character to the product.

Functional, Customized Handles from F.B.M.

F.B.M.'s extensive catalog of more than 100 items, includes product lines at the budget, medium and luxury levels. This allows buyers to choose from a wide variety of different models available at the desired quality level. Even more variety is available when you think of the various inserts and custom look that can be done.

If you want to customize an existing product or proceed with a new design, moreover F.B.M. has an in-house 3D printing laboratory. We can provide you with prototypes that accurately reflect the finished product so you can get it quickly to evaluate the new model.

When you want the best in modern Italian design, innovation and certified quality in cookware handles for pans, confide in F.B.M.

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