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F.B.M. Active Shield: The Unique Cookware Handle with Antibacterial Formula

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 12 Jul 2021

The market for hygienically safe products is growing quickly due to social awareness of the risk of microorganisms. Consumers are quite interested in new products with antibacterial features; they raise the bar for the quality and hygiene features of all of these types of products.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has also increased awareness of safety and sanitation in the kitchen. As items that are used multiple times each day, kitchen products are often exposed to moisture and/or humid environments. This exposure creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can generate cross-contamination by moving from surface to surface.

We handle pots and pans daily in our homes when we touch fresh food for cooking and others kitchen utensils. The cookware handle is the only part of the pot that the user interacts with during cooking. For this reason, it must remain clean and sanitized. It is on the wave of this new need that F.B.M. has decided to innovate offering the market a unique product with antibacterial properties.

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What is F.B.M. Active Shield?

Active Shield Alternativa-1F.B.M. Active Shield is the first line of cookware accessories with a compounded antibacterial agent that inhibits the growth and proliferation of bacteria.

It is a new material developed by F.B.M., which makes it effective against microbial growth and kills bacteria on the product treated . Thanks to its special formulation, F.B.M. Active Shield can stop microorganisms from attaching to and growing on cookware handles (ISO 22196).

F.B.M. Active Shield keeps the handle clean and sanitary, improving the quality of life of consumers, and the impact on the environment by minimizing the diffusion of bacteria.

With F.B.M. Active Shield you have a new weapon in the ongoing battle against harmful microorganisms.

What really makes F.B.M. Active Shield different? 

It contains an additive that is inserted during manufacturing. The new compound is called Active Shield since it offers a protective barier to the handle and it contains a special antibacterial agent: an integrated active ingredient which makes it effective against microbial growth.Batterio Barra-1

F.B.M. Active Shield, thanks to its special formulation can kill more than 99.999% of bacteria on handle’s surface and consequently ensure antibacterial safety for handling. Its antibacterial effectiveness is tested according to International Regulation ISO 22196:2011.

These features prove to be even more important if we consider the entire supply chain. F.B.M. Active Shield, thanks to its formula, limits the pass-through of bacteria during supply chain operations as well as in-store. Above all, it limits the pass-through of bacteria among the product’s users. This ensures that consumers can have a long lasting sanitized product.

Benefits of F.B.M. Active Shield

Active 24//7: F.B.M. Active Shield antibacterial protection is an enduring, cost-effective solution that remains active for long time. 

Ensures Cleanness: Ensuring antibacterial protection extends the effectiveness of regular cleaning in the home and offers safety to all users on an ongoing basis.

Effective against Bacteria: F.B.M. Active Shield has been proven to inhibit bacteria according to laboratory test results (ISO 22196:2011)

Differentiating Competitive Advantage: F.B.M. Active Shield offers new features to provide extra value for your customers and get noticed in the market. Progetto senza titolo-4 copia


With the aim to protect the market and its valued customers F.B.M. filed a patent application for F.B.M. Active Shield as innovative antibacterial cookware accessories. We want our partners globally to know that they are getting a highly effective and unique product. Active Shield has been filed for patent thanks to its innovative formula and uniqueness of the product. 

When you want the best in design, innovation, and (of course) certified quality in cookware handles for pans, look no further than F.B.M. We have been in business for more than half a century, and during that time, we have been working with customers from various locations worldwide.

Contact us today if you have questions about Active Shield or any of our products, or to arrange a consultation.

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