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Check out our new LOOK AT ME Series; You Can't Help Yourself!

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 14 Mar 2022

Sustainability is certainly a hot topic these days. It is definitely holding the public's interest and has become a new way of thinking. From international political policies to daily lifestyle choices, sustainability and green living have become the impetus for change and the engine driving the push for a better future.

Consumers are making a deliberate decision to buy products made in an environmentally sustainable manner. Businesses must adopt the appropriate regulations and apply them to their products. Sustainability has caught up to the latest cookware technology, and “eco” cookware is now in demand.

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La Termoplastic F.B.M. is a leading manufacturer of cookware handles for pots and pans. We decided to challenge ourselves to develop a sustainable cookware line that consumers would find appealing. Our goal was to create an innovative line of accessories for cookware. We wanted our product line to be planet-friendly and unique, without losing its sense of practicality. The result of our brainstorming sessions is called ECOSYSTEM, and we think you will be impressed by the result.

The F.B.M. ECOSYSTEM product line uses natural materials. We developed it for customers who want green cookware accessories that incorporate these critical features: Affordability, Heat resistance, Mechanical strength, Remaining compliant with international regulations.

ECOSYSTEM is a planet-friendly collection of cookware accessories made with natural raw materials from sustainable sources and regenerated materials from the reuse of materials from our internal production.Schermata 2022-03-11 alle 10.23.00

The company uses the latest cookware technology to reach out to consumers who care about the environmental features of their buying products. F.B.M.'s ECOSYSTEM cookware accessory line reduces emissions and resources by using recovered materials.

This collection includes an extensive choice of handles, side handles, and knobs. All of ECOSYSTEM's accessories are available in a classic black tone.


Mo285 - Lookatme (1)

This commitment to sustainability by F.B.M. continues to be a priority for the company. F.B.M. is prioritizing reaching out to engage with people who care about the environmental aspects of the products they buy. To achieve that goal, the company has invested in launching a new version of ECOSYSTEM called LOOK AT ME.

This cookware handles and accessories line is distinguishable by its unusual green color. We have made a new claim, "LOOK AT ME, the first cookware accessories by ECOSYSTEM that look green at first sight."

Schermata 2022-03-11 alle 09.29.58LOOK AT ME features this greenish color because the base material used to make our eco cookware accessories is dye-free. It is free from artificial colors. This feature along with all the benefits of the Ecosystem collection, give to LOOK AT ME a true sustainable value.

Set 285 - LookatMe

The LOOK AT ME handles, knobs, and side-handles are fashioned from a combination of restored and natural materials, reducing emission and consumptions through the implementation of natural material and regeneration of production wastes.

Each piece produced in this collection is different from the other. We manufacture these products without pigmentation therefore, natural color variations in the product are normal, just like it happens in nature!


We want to produce products of the highest quality that would be in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Cattura 2

ACCORDING TO OUR QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, all F.B.M. ECOSYSTEM products have been validated and certified by our company. LOOK AT ME is also certified by S.G.S.

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F.B.M. La Termoplastic's name is synonymous with the highest quality in design, innovation, and certified quality in handles and accessories. F.B.M. has been in business for almost 60 years.

Kindly contact us today if you have questions about our new LOOK AT ME line or any of our other products, or to arrange a personal consultation.

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