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Cookware Parts: Importance of Sustainable Features

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 11 Dec 2023

The movement toward a greener economy is now a global phenomenon. It has become a key topic for several political agendas. The general public is now aware that buying products focused on the environment, is not only a preferable choice, but also a responsible one. Companies that are committed to environmental sustainability, not only in words but in a tangible way, will certainly hold a prime position in consumers' minds, as long as they can provide high-quality products with good value.Are you desire essential inspirations to develop new cookware creations to meet  new key international trends? Get inspired by our free Cookware Trend Book!

Importance of Sustainable Features for Cookware Parts

1. Develop products that have a low environmental impact

ecology-systemThis concept falls under the larger umbrella of “Corporate Social Responsibility.” This is important since consumers evaluate always more seriously companies for the responsibilities that are taking regarding sustainability.

Before making a buying decision, consumers take time in researching information and brand facts that identify the product category and item they are looking for. They are making conscious choices about which items they will bring into their home and sustainability is an important feature. When a company can state that it is using reused materials and is making conscious decisions to conserve resources and reduce wastes, it creates value in the minds of consumers.

2. Meet consumers’ need for sustainable cookware products.

Over the past few years, homeowners have been moving toward entertaining more often at home. Cooking together and sharing food has become a much more popular activity. The “home as a refuge” idea is one that has really taken off, as people are looking for their home as a place where they can relax, unwind, and forget about all the stresses and strains of the world.


In this scenario, consumers buying sustainable products for their kitchen, is a trend that continues to grow. For them, choosing sustainable products has become part of lifestyle. They are continuing to move away from the idea of a “throw-away” society and embracing the intention of reducing waste and recycling where possible. A consumer will be drawn to a company that is producing planet conscious cookware products over one that does not offer this option.

3. Continue to offer a high-value product to consumers

It is not enough to offer sustainability in a product line. Consumers have not abandoned their desire for high value in the goods they are purchasing. They need to know that the products they are buying are innovative as well as being produced sustainably.

More than ever, companies are being compelled to show transparency as a customer loyalty measure. Part of being open and accountable is making sure that your policies around your manufacturing practices are available to the public.


F.B.M. fully embraces sustainability, adopting environmentally friendly practices in line with ethical business principles. In this perspective, we constantly seek out new and exciting ideas to present to consumers and improve their daily cooking experience. 

At F.B.M., we're not content with simply meeting the rules. Our dedication to innovation sets us apart. We're pioneers in adopting the latest technology and materials to produce cookware that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.
In line with these values, our new compounds, such as Ecosystem Black, Look at Me, and Active Shield, adhere to sustainability and clean technology principles. Image Credits SGS (1)-1

Based on our current raw material formulations, our products do not contain or intentionally include PFAS, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS). F.B.M. is committed to upholding all required regulatory standards to protect our customers, ensuring that our pot handles, side handles, and knobs comply with European cookware standards EN 12983-1 and EN 12983-2, the engineering standards of the US Cookware and Bakeware Association, and Brazil's INMETRO regulation.

F.B.M.'s 60th Anniversary: A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability

Today, F.B.M. positions as a beacon of sustainability, reflecting its core purpose, which is to unite the passion and trust of its global team in a multinational family dedicated to responsible innovation. The result is not just a range of recycled and bio-based cookware accessories but a pathway to enhancing the cooking experience and the well-being of those who choose F.B.M. products.made-in-f.b.m.

F.B.M.'s journey has been a continuum, a series of interconnected milestones leading to its present role as a champion of sustainability and a unique cookware’s handles experience.

Together, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and shape the future of cookware. 


The cookware industry finds itself at a pivotal moment, where considerations of quality and safety take center stage. In this evolving landscape, F.B.M. stands out as a beacon of assurance, delivering products that prioritize both safety and quality.

When you opt for F.B.M., you're choosing a partner that places your safety and satisfaction at the heart of its mission. Our commitment transcends mere compliance; we strive to be pioneers in innovation and sustainable practices, ensuring you experience the utmost in cookware excellence. The materials we use underscore our steadfast dedication to providing products that are not only safe but also environmentally responsible.

We invite you to delve deeper by downloading our latest trend book and reaching out to us for all your cookware needs. Rely on F.B.M. as your market leader, dedicated to offering cookware products that are both safe and compliant.

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