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Add Design Elements to your Cookware: F.B.M. New Handle EDRA

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 4 Jul 2022

EDRA handle by F.B.M. features the latest in cookware handle design. This cookware handle is designed to be safe and comfortable to use, while adding a stylish look, a perfect mix to attract consumers.

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EDRA Product Characteristics

A close examination of EDRA reveals its numerous impressive product characteristics that you can discover in the video below.

EDRA was designed to give a novel solution to all F.B.M. customers by adding a new proposal in our Italian catalogue. The handle EDRA is fully Italian Design and of course patented to protect and sustain our customers.

EDRA Image_0214

The name EDRA has ancient origins and it means “strength”, bringing to mind positive concepts of wealth and power.

This handle is solidly built with a full underneath design, a characteristic innate of high-end products thanks to their ergonomic function.

The EDRA handle is one of the latest styles launched and it is available in several other fashionable colors and finishes that will appeal to modern consumers.
EDRA-colored-handles (2)

Ergonomics. A cookware handle manufacturer knows that a key feature for cookware accessories is its ergonomics, since the end consumer continuously interacts with the pot only through the handles. EDRA’s special shape protects the fingers and maximizes the ergonomic effect; using this handle, all the fingers are fully placed on the handle in a manner that fills the palm. A highlight goes on its peculiar finger rest that marks the design thanks to a unique form and it indicates the correct position for the handgrip.

EDRA Product Features

What kinds of features can you expect when you choose EDRA for your cooking pots and pans?

EDRA cookware-handle-02jpgElliptical Finger Rest. This original feature stands out since it is horizontally designed in contrast with the vertical progression of the handle. This finger rest also highpoints the eyelet upper hole that besides serving to hang up the pot, it enhances the overall design.

The back hole has also an elliptical shape that resembles the finger rest point. The reverse drop-shaped digging makes it a very outstanding handle in terms of design.

Wide Flame Guard. EDRA uses a wide design flame guard, engineered with the user’s safety in mind. It is wide enough to protect from flames and heat and it gives strength and solidity to the product.

Recommended Use for EDRA


EDRA is a great option for those who are launching a new cookware collection or who are planning to update an existing product line according to specific market needs. It is ideal for medium to top end cookware styles and it matches very well with several side-handles or knobs to complete your full cookware set. Differentiate yourself and offer something new and appealing with the beautiful EDRA handle. Here we suggest some good matching for your full range: side-handle Vela, 580 or Jolly and knobs Iris, 810 or the elliptically shaped 820

Handle EDRA can also upgrade your cookware with special story telling opportunities as planet friendly and hygiene concepts, as it is available in the brand-new compounds Ecosystem and ActiveShield.

F.B.M. Means Certified Quality Accessories for Cookware

Handle EDRA has been tested and certified according to the EU Standards regulation EN 12983-1 and with the CMA standards for the US market.

EDRA is further verified according to F.B.M. Quality Management System to ensure our F.B.M. QUALITY CERTIFIED seal, a warranty to retailers and end consumers about safety of the product.

F.B.M. is synonymous with quality solutions for your cookware’s accessories. It is our pleasure to work with customers all over the world.

Contact us today for a consultation and to get your samples of handle EDRA.

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