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F.B.M. at the HOME & GIFT 2024 Fair: sustainability and differentiation

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 6 Mar 2024

The vibrant atmosphere of the Home & GIFT Fair, organized by the Brazilian Association of Utilities and Gift Companies (ABUP), has overcrowded the halls of São Paulo Expo between February 18th and 21st, 2024. This annual event is a fundamental meeting point for professionals and enthusiasts in the housewares and gifts sector, offering a diverse showcase of the latest trends and innovations.

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BLOG POST-Feb-29-2024-09-35-35-2454-PMAmong the exhibitors, La Termoplastic F.B.M. stood out for its commitment to promoting the Ecosystem line, as well as celebrating the brand's 60th anniversary. José Galli, the company's Commercial Manager in Brazil, expressed his gratitude to all visitors to the company's stand, highlighting the importance of this event to strengthen ties with customers and partners, as well as providing a general perspective on the fair: "The participating companies are investing in launches, news, trends and excited about what the market will offer this year", he shared.

Mariele Uboldi, Commercial Director of the F.B.M. Group, came to Brazil to participate in the event and get to know the country's market up close: “My participation in ABUP was a fantastic opportunity to better understand the dynamics of the Brazilian cookware market and the challenges that we will have to face in the coming months”, she explains.

A movement observed during the event was the focus on sustainability. According to Galli, “all F.B.M. customers, those who participated in the fair demonstrate this environmental concern in the production of their products.” He further emphasized that the demand for sustainable items was evident not only in conversations with customers, but also in sales made by them during the event.

CITY-2 copia-4In addition to sustainability, the search for differentiation was another relevant theme at the fair. "This is another trend: all the customers who were at the event strive for differentiation, which can be offered for pots and pans through our handles, side-handles and knobs", observed Galli. He highlighted the importance of offering exclusive products to meet this growing demand for uniqueness in the market.

According to this, Uboldi says that her contact with the Brazilian market was extremely positive and left a great impression on the work that F.B.M. is doing in the country: “It was definitely inspiring to get in touch with all the leaders in the sector and to have the confirmation that F.B.M. is a fundamental partner for all of them.”

With a booth carefully designed to highlight its innovations and distinctive designs, F.B.M. received a lot of praise, mainly as a result of comparisons with competitors who were also present at the event.

For Umberto Alongi, Account Sales Director Americas at La Termoplastic F.B.M., participating in the ABUP fair was an incredible opportunity to understand the Brazilian scenario and reinforce the company's positioning. “We had the valuable opportunity to analyze trends in the Brazilian market, listening to the needs of our customers and presenting the latest Made in F.B.M. news,” he concludes.

In summary, the participation of La Termoplastic F.B.M. at the Home & GIFT 2024 Fair was marked by innovation, commitment to sustainability and the celebration of a 60-year history of success. With a clear vision of market trends and a renewed commitment to excellence, F.B.M. continues to stand out as an industry leader, ready to meet the evolving demands of its customers and the market as a whole.


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