Products Sustainable cookware

F.B.M. Believes in Respecting the Environment and the Rules

The elements that connect us to nature and bring us closer to it will play a leading role in our lives. We look to the kitchen for our peace and...

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Cookware Consultant

How to Create a Unique Selling Point with your Cookware Handle

The cookware handle is the only element that the consumer directly interacts with every time they use the product. Not every brand can highlight...

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Products Detachable Handes

F.B.M. SUPER Detachable Set for Pots

The SUPER detachable side-handle is a welcome addition to complete the handle SUPER  for pots and pans. With the new SUPER, you are not just getting...

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Developing a Line of Cookware: the Pot and Pan Handle as a Positioning Asset

Handles and knobs are essential components of pots and pans. They also play an important role as a positioning asset, since they are a key plus of...

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