Sustainable cookware

Sustainability in Cookware: Trend showcased at Canton Fair

The Canton Fair has just concluded its 134th edition confirming itself as the main meeting point for Chinese manufacturers of cookware and buyers...

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Cookware Insights: F.B.M.'s Latest Trend Book Unveiled

In these times of uncertainty within the global home goods sector, the path to identifying fresh trends can seem shrouded in ambiguity. With markets...

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Cookware Consultant Brand

How We Can Support you as an Experienced Partner for Cookware Accessories

For brand owners the business relationship with the factories is a very important aspect. In the process of developing and defining a new line of...

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Add Design Elements to your Cookware: F.B.M. New Handle EDRA

EDRA handle by F.B.M. features the latest in cookware handle design. This cookware handle is designed to be safe and comfortable to use, while adding...

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