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The New 260 - F.B.M. Riveted Cookware Handle with closed Bracket

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 5 Oct 2020

The MO260  handle is the newest product added to F.B.M. Italy collection, a brand new compelling riveting product of great impact for its linear and elegant appearance. Its design makes it a very versatile product because it also allows customer’s customization.

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The Handle 260 stands out thanks to the closed bracket, which is a patented innovative fixing system that upgrades the handle to a superior premium quality product among the first lines riveting handles.

MO 260-01

Features of the 260 Riveted Cookware Handle

Shape - The handle has a deliberately square and geometric design, which makes it a classy and elegant model ideal to combine with trendy collections of pots and pans.
Its linear shape can also encourage the stacking options and the Fornetto oven pot.

MO-260-logoFinger Rest Design - The design of the upper handle is characterized by a decorative finger rest that has an ergonomics function indicating the best finger position for a correct and more comfortable hand grip.

Highest Customization– the finger support also can be personalized with a logo or symbol directly embossed on the handle’s surface, offering excellent options for branding and differentiating the final product as an excellent marketing tool.

Ergonomically Engineered – handle 260 is engineered for the best grip when lifting a full pot. The lower lines are smooth and the underneath front has a special curve especially designed to comfortably accommodate the index finger while cooking.

Bracket Quality Material – The connection bracket is in galvanized iron, which means that it is subject to a special treatment according to F.B.M. quality standards that ensures long time resistance and protection against rust. This process makes it very durable and the handle can be washed in the dishwasher.

Inclinations & Matching – handle 260 has many different inclinations to match with all types of cookware, from frypan to saucepan, to casseroles, to grills and to flat-pots. In addition, you can fix it to the cookware body by using two or three rivets.

Complete Range - The 260 is available in three different lengths to cover all the standard diameters of cooking pots and pans. In addition, it pairs well with several F.B.M. models of riveting side handles for casseroles and with knobs for lids to complete a range.

260 - handle colors

Colors - This handle can be available in many colors and finishes to further modernize and customize your appealing collection.

Safety – handle 260 complies with European regulation for cookware EN 12983 and is further verified according to F.B.M. Quality Management System.

We are Your Source for High-Quality Riveted Cookware Handles

MO260-profilo frontale - EditedF.B.M. offers an extensive range of riveting items ideal for different styles of products and ranges. Products with fixing connections in either galvanized iron or stainless steel are offered in various sizes and designs available from the four F.B.M. plants in Italy, Brazil, Mexico and China. Contact us to know more about the full range of handles, side handles and knobs and their features for your cookware collections.

Please reach us today if you have questions about the new 260 riveted cookware handle or any of our other exciting products. We look forward to meet you. 

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