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Prestige Cookware Set: Why We Love Handle Designs (and you Should too)!

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 1 Feb 2021

Handle and knob design is an important element of a prestige cookware collection. Far from being an afterthought, they are the finishing touches that upgrade the pots and pans to this level. In order to captivate the buyers' attention, high quality products must be used for the pot and pan handles, since consumers look at these kinds of details when shopping for new kitchenware.

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Variety of Materials

High end cookware can use a variety of cookware handles’ styles. Consumers can make their selection ranging from quality plastic handles to steel ones. Stainless steel gives handles a clean, classic look, while phenolic handles offer you a very wide variety of design and finishes as well as interesting matches to play with different materials. Let’s think about finishes that look similar to wood or stone which are getting very popular with consumers, since they give pots and pans a high-end look that coordinates well with modern kitchen decor.

Plastic handles let you play with special additions such as metallic inserts, colors or logos that may be added directly to the grip and embossed into the handle material to embellish the collection. Buyers will look for these kinds of details when considering whether to buy a particular cookware line since they know that non-prestige cookware will be more basic in design, without the same level of attention to detail.

immediately-rachael-ray-teal-cookware-cityscapes-porcelain-enamel-12-piece-set-bed The impact of the design is essential in making a product eye catching at first sight and the consumers are definitely guided by the beauty of the pot or pan. But when a consumer decided to pick up the pot, the action is accomplished by way of the handle, which is the only part of the product which is in contact with the hand while cooking. If the customers doesn’t like the way the pan’s handle feels, they won’t want to use the cookware. The handle has to fit well in the user’s hand and feel comfortable as he or she grips it. The ergonomics is absolutely key for the user’s experience perspective.

High Performance is Expected

At this quality level, the customer expects to receive cookware handles that will stand up to more than just the normal wear and to what could expect from everyday household use. Prestige cookware handles are high performance items that will be very resistant. The product must stand up well to being placed in the refrigerator and possibly the oven, sustaining to heat and cold variations, too.

The long lasting quality must be guaranteed also for what concerns the cleaning process. After a meal or snack has been served, being able to place the pots in the dishwasher makes cleanup a quick and convenient process.

Modern consumers, especially those who are part of the Millennial generation, want to know that their handle is safe and will perform impeccably during meal preparation so they can focus their attention on creating a perfect blend of tastes and textures they can enjoy when they sit down to eat.

Prestige handles will not crack or warp, even after exposure to variations in temperature and repeated usage. They are manufactured from materials and finishes that will give consumers the attractive look they seek without sacrificing one iota in the performance and safe arena.

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