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F.B.M. releases new Sustainability Report

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 10 May 2021

F.B.M. operates on a firm foundation of ethics and love for our environment. Responsibility has been lived and practiced since our earliest days and we have always been committed to sustainability.

F.B.M. international best practices include constantly balancing our company’s impact on the environment with our responsibilities to our customers and the market. As our business evolved, we decided that social responsibility was an important core value for our company and that should be approached even more strategically and with a long-term vision.

Today, F.B.M. has acquired a certain level of expertise and awareness on this subject. The company aims to make social responsibility one of the strategic pillars at the base of its operations.

Are you looking for an ethical and reliable partern  who makes sustainability a key value? Check out our new Sustainability Report  and discover our green path.

The Important Social Role of Companies

It is important to raise awareness about the importance of our social responsibility role. As a company, we established a corporate strategy that takes into account the impact that the company has at a social level — to make all stakeholders aware and to transmit positive, ethical, and sustainable values as part of our way of doing business.

F.B.M. continues to focus on initiatives aimed at safeguarding, improving the economic and social conditions of the local communities where it operates, and having a holistic vision to drive company and social growth.

F.B.M. and the Path to Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social WHY is to improve consumers' well-being in the kitchen: everything we do aims to cultivate the cooking experience; through a product we interact with daily when preparing food.

In 2020, we did a beautiful job in redefining our long term vision and corporate mission. It was during this time that we included F.B.M.’s Purpose: to “combine the passion and trust of our people in a multinational family that innovates and evolves responsibly to enhance the excitement of people cooking and the well-being of those who choose us."

Our next step was to conduct a company assessment — a snapshot from the point of how we operate. Four key pillars emerged from this exercise: the company, our people, the environment, and the markets where we operate.

  1. The Company (ethics and business): We deeply analyzed how to create value through our activities and the commitment with which we operate. Our Code of Ethics defines the behaviors expected of our employees, managers, directors, collaborators, consultants, and anyone else who works on behalf of or in the name of F.B.M.
  2. Our People: F.B.M has set itself the goal of being a positive organization, where people flourish because are happy and work better. For F.B.M. becoming a positive organization is a declared and shared strategic corporate goal that defines new approaches focused on positive communication and corporate happiness. 3
  3. The Environment: Analyzing the activities and respect for the environment beyond the mandatory rules. The goal we have given ourselves is to minimize all the impacts of our production processes on the ecosystems
    In carrying out its activities, F.B.M. contributes to the realization of the SGDs defined by the ONU. The recent launch of the Ecosystem product line is in fact part of the company’s environmental interest.
  4. Our Business: Product responsibility, and the willingness of F.B.M. to be a reassuring brand. All our products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested to the highest quality standards. The research and implementation of innovative technologies will be a guide for us to evolve for our stakeholders.

Starting with this assessment, we have set our future goals to continue on these pillars. How will we do this?

We used a materiality matrix that allows us to connect the company's priorities (our four pillars) with the main issues of interest for our stakeholders, to define a line of action that combines the perspectives of both parties.

All of these results are encapsulated and translated into a sustainability report, addressed to all stakeholders, which illustrates F.B.M.'s evolution in addressing these issues.

This report is the expression of the corporate strategy that we have given ourselves today and as a future priority.

The Fifth Pillar: What’s Next for F.B.M.

F.B.M. is constantly striving for improvement. We are creating an F.B.M. Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that is more specific and forward-focused. It will include the four pillars listed above and expand on them.


When you want the best in design, innovation, and certified quality in cookware handles and pans, look no further than F.B.M. We have been in business for more than half a century, and during that time, we have been working with customers from various locations worldwide.


Our focus during this time has been on providing high-quality products without sacrificing one ounce of creativity.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading F.B.M. Sustainability Report, please contact us if you have questions or to arrange a consultation.

Download F.B.M.'s Sustainability Report

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