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Detachable Handles: All You Need to Know

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 5 Aug 2019

Detachable handles truly can be the unexpected superstar accessory for pots and pans. They offer multiple benefits for consumers and manufacturers alike, making this option an excellent choice for pots and pans being offered at various quality levels (high, medium and value-price product lines).

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pot's and pans with detachable Handle: Benefits to the Consumer

Consumers buy cookware for its practical features, but they also want this product to be attractive, too. Detachable handles satisfy both needs and provide other benefits to users who cook with them on a regular basis, such as:

  • Safe and Comfortable to Use: detachable handles are designed with care to fit a user’s hand comfortably. The handles can be gripped easily, without danger of the hand slipping off toward the hot pot or pan. Moreover the handle must be easy and safe in attaching and detaching it again and again. There is a misconception among some consumers that detachable handles must have no wobbling effect at all. This is untrue, the perception of a little wobbling while holding a pot with a detachable handle is needed in response to the regular dilatation caused by heat while cooking. This is a natural condition to keep it safe since the materials naturally expand thanks to the heat transferred. Definitely, detachable handles are firmly fixed to the pan and are as sturdy as other models once fixed in place.
  • black pot with a detachable handle by la termoplastic fbmFunctional, Space-Saving: a set of pots and pans with detachable handles is a highly 
    functional choice. If space is at a premium, the customer has the option of removing the handle for easy storage between uses. The handles can also be removed before being placed in the dishwasher to save space when cleaning them.
  • Cookware Goes into Oven: pots and pans with detachable handles give consumers the flexibility to prepare dishes that go from the stove top to the oven. When placing the pot or pan in the oven, the consumer simply removes the handles, and it’s ready to go! This handy feature means the consumer has more choices available when choosing and preparing menus for family and friends.

Detachable Handles cookware: Benefits to the Manufacturer

From a cookware manufacturer’s point of view, too, detachable handles from F.B.M. have a number of benefits:

  • Smaller Packaging for Shipping and Lower Costs: when you are dealing with pricing for importing and exporting goods, you want to economize where possible. Detachable handles also require less packaging than other options as the handle can just be placed inside the pan body and this let you save a lot of space in the box siz, which is good especially for overseas transportation. Definitely, less packaging and less space mean saving money on transportation costs.

  • Less Space required for Warehouse: this is good both for shelf space in store and for your stocking requirements at dedicated warehouses. This style of detachable handle takes up much less space and needs less packaging, which ends up in benefits for your logistics and stoking issues, as well as saving space when shipping orders to a retailer. This is another example of how detachable handles can be a benefit to your product lines of pots and pans.

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pan with detachable side handles by la termoplastic fbm

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