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How to Create a Unique Selling Point with your Cookware Handle

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 16 May 2022

The cookware handle is the only element that the consumer directly interacts with every time they use the product. Not every brand can highlight properly this aspect, however, this is a fundamental component of the product that gives value to the cookware. It also influences buyer's decisions, in particular after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, that led to the emerge of an increasing attention towards hygiene and sanitation. 

The handle can once again improve your quality of life and the impact on the environment by minimizing the ability of bacteria to spread, like our F.B.M. Active Shield, the unique cookware handle with antibacterial formula.

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As cookware designers and manufacturers, we are challenged to make the accessories attract consumers’ attention.

It’s very important to be able to communicate information about the cookware you want to sell to the potential user, also through the cookware handles. This is a way to make a particular product line appeal to consumers and to differentiate it from other options by creating a new selling point.

There are some simple ways to proceed toward this goal, such as:

  1. Include a Description about the  Accessory in your Product. This description will focus on making the cookware accessory appealing to the consumer from an ergonomic standpoint. This is your opportunity to point out to the consumer how the cookware handle for example can improve the experience of cooking by making the pots and pans easy to grip, convenient to use and flexible enough to let them be versatile.
  2. pot with ladle holder handleHighlight the Unique Selling Point. Include descriptive text sharing the handle’s distinct features that set it apart from similar styles. Close-up images highlighting these particularities (eg. a ladle rest) can be used to make a major impact, since the customer isn’t left wondering about anything that may be unclear from the text.
  3. Add References to Successful Certifications and Tests. Cookware isn’t the type of household item that consumers replace often. For this reason, it’s a purchase that requires some planning and thought before making a final choice. fbm-ecosystemPart of the decision involves determining whether the cookware line under consideration is safe to use and high quality (see the quality certified logo developed by F.B.M.). 
    This can be accomplished by mentioning the features up to the creation of the adhesive tags to be placed directly on the product.

As a buyer, you can request proof of any tests that have been performed on the product before making your decision. You will also want to inquire whether the company holds any type of handle’ patent as part of your decision-making process.

It’s crucial to highlight and communicate features that consumers need to decide when making their choice. A common example is the use of colors for the pot, its handles and packaging. In many instances, these reflected or coordinated with green-brown colors for sustainable cookware lines, like F.B.M. Ecosystem, or blue/white to communicate a sense of hygiene and cleanliness, like our F.B.M. Active Shield. 

By determining which elements of the handle stand out, drawing the consumer’s attention to these features is a much easier task and moving product becomes a natural outcome.

If you want to know more about information and details that can be communicated about handles, just let us know!

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