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Why Choosing an F.B.M. Product is the Right Answer

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 28 Nov 2022

Cooking is a daily activity in every culture worldwide. When we cook, handles are the only element with which humans interact and it is fundamental because it epitomizes the design feel you want to give to this everyday houseware. Ergonomics, safety and functionality are crucial elements in fittings as they define the quality of cookware and they can significantly contribute to its differentiating competitive advantage.

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As an active player in the cooking industry, why should you consider working with us? Here are five good reasons.

1. Design - Italian taste and internal research center.


  • Our purpose is to improve the well-being of those who cook through better design, functionality and solutions.
  • F.B.M. studies products according to deep understanding of the ergonomics and applies specific algorithms to engineer best comfort during the handhold.
  • Our designers create handles to enhance the final cookware product and offer several options according to our customers’ needs for both design and personalization.
  • F.B.M. srl is committed to share product story telling that could enhance product’s features, to be used as a unique winning selling point for consumers.

2. Access to the Market – A  worldwide PARTNER.


  • The only global company of cookware accessories with four production facilities in different continents
  • F.B.M. srl has information and know how that come from a global presence, making it a knowledge consultant for your cookware developments.
  • Customer service and customer support are available all over the world in different languages.
  • We provide technical consultancy to make the assembly to the cookware more efficient
  • The direct presence of F.B.M. in China allows us to share our expertise and experience to all customers that are looking for trusted partners in the far east.

3. Quality and Certified Products

  • All of F.B.M. srl products undergo a rigorous testing process. A thorough understanding of the physical and mechanical qualities of your cookware is vital if you want to demonstrate the safety, quality and durability of your products to your customers.quality-certified
  • We have a Quality Management System with clear procedures to determine product safety and homologation also within our internal testing Lab. QMS is identified by a special seal that can be used and leveraged in our customers’ packaging and communication to share that the pot and pan is using highest quality accessories. This an extra value for the end customers.
  • Trust- If a manufacturer and a retailer choose F.B.M. products, they know they are safe for the consumer. 

4. An Ethical and Sustainable Partner

  • F.B.M. uses sustainability as a strategic approach. Our social WHY is to improve consumers' well-being in the kitchen: everything we do aims to cultivate the cooking experience; through a product we interact with daily when preparing food.
  • The company implemented a corporate social responsibility policy. F.B.M. continues to focus on initiatives aimed at safeguarding, improving the economic and social conditions of the local communities where it operates, and having a holistic vision to drive company and social growth.
  • F.B.M. srl launched the first line of sustainable accessories, known as ECOSYSTEM. It is produced with natural and regenerated material and the manufacturing process for this green collection is controlled and verified by external SGS and complies with all applicable regulations.
  • F.B.M. improve the wellbeing, linked to hygiene and safety in the kitchen, through ACTIVE SHIELD. With the desire of making conscious choices in environmentally and health safe cookware accessories, F.B.M. developed a unique product to improve the everyday wellbeing of people at home. 

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5. Working with a Recognizable brand: Made by F.B.M. 

The company is globally connected and well known in the industry for bringing value to all its designs. F.B.M. srl has worked with all the big names in the industry over the years.

The recognized value of the brand is always present since all of the F.B.M. products are embossed with logo. This means that the industry and consumers can turn the pot or pan over and immediately be reassured by the F.B.M. logo. This gives them immediate reassurance that they are holding a genuine F.B.M. srl product. F.B.M. is the consumer’s mark of quality and they can rest assured that they can trust that the product is highest quality and will stand up well for many years of daily use.

The brand also embodies values that are transmitted through its products. F.B.M. srl stands for producing a high-quality product and always looking for ways to innovate and offer creativity in its custom designs.

FBM was also recently awarded the Cribis Prime Company 2022 award that represents a recognition of highest commercial trustworthiness.


F.B.M. srl is a leader in the field of cookware accessories, with several decades of experience in manufacturing and design to draw on when working with customers.

La Termoplastic F.B.M. srl offers outstanding design and certified quality in cookware handles and pans, working with customers from various locations worldwide.

Our focus is on providing high-quality handles for cookware without sacrificing one ounce of creativity.

Contact us today if you have questions about our products or you would like to arrange a personal consultation.
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