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Home Trends Shaping the future of Cookware

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 18 Oct 2021

The global pandemic has had a marked impact on our lifestyles, consumer trends, and daily habits. These restrictions have changed the way we perceive living within a community as well as how we experience our homes.

The years 2020 and 2021 will likely be remembered as the years the home was the center of everything we did. It was the place we worked, worked out, relaxed, and were entertained. We were forced to change our lifestyle habits and find new ways to enjoy staying in.

Some consumers have found that they enjoyed a simpler lifestyle that includes interacting with fewer people. These people have found sharing activities with their immediate family, including cooking, to be enjoyable and rewarding.

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6 New Dwelling Types: Building the Houses of the Future

Some interesting keywords that can inspire us in the creation of our new cookware products collections come from the insights of the International Houseware Association Market Watch 2020, which reports that consumers are adopting new dwelling styles to meet the need for self-expression created by the trends we outlined above.
These are:

  • Affordable dwelling type built from budget-friendly materials, with architectural plans to minimize the base-level carbon footprint. The living units themselves have compact layouts where an effort is made to make the best possible use of available floor space. Keyword for cookware are: competitive, easy to use, space saving.
  • Schermata 2021-10-07 alle 16.18.51Shared dwelling type offers residents small, individual living spaces. Residents also have access to shared multipurpose facilities 24 hours a day.The on-premises facilities can also be used to host community events. This type of dwelling has the potential for short-term rentals or subscription-based accommodation. Tenants may be charged one fee for rent and other services. Keyword for cookware are: versatility, space optimization, different formats.
  • Ecofriendly dwelling model is designed and built based on a carbon-neutral, low-waste design. It relies on the use of several new technologies and innovative building materials to enhance sustainability. Keyword for cookware are: sustainable, regenerated, recycling, eco-friendly.
  • color_handles_FBMStylish dwelling is characterized by its futuristic look. This type of home has unique features that are created with the very latest construction methods. Keyword for cookware are: design, technology, trendy materials, colors.
  • Healthy dwelling has several units and may include communal wellness centers. This type of dwelling will have sensors to track the air and water filtration systems, and the lighting quality. Keyword for cookware are: safety, ergonomics, easy to clean, antibacterial.


While these trends may appear to bring awareness at a more general level, they actually give us an important overview of the main home trends that people will have, and this will necessarily translate into product solutions that are aligned with them.

Even for cookware these should be understood as key concepts from which to get interesting ideas to innovate and create new products that can stimulate the market and create new interest.Discover The Latest Cookware Trends  Download the Free E-Book

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