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Removable Cookware: Trends and What's New

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 29 Nov 2021

Consumers are spending more time at home and consequently in the kitchen cooking. They are looking for ways to prepare nutritious meals that don't strain their budgets. Removable cookware gives them flexibility when choosing recipes to serve their families.

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A detachable handle is a type of fixing solution allowing the consumer to remove it from the product. Several types of detachable systems are currently available; essential elements to think about are how easy they are to use and whether they are safe to use.

Virtus-opening-detail (1)

The fixed part (the one that stays on the cookware body) of the removable handle cookware can be fashioned in metal or unique materials, ensuring high thermal resistance. Since this part remains on the cookware body, thermal resistance is a fundamental feature since heat is quickly released from the metal pan. It can be placed in the oven, moved to the table for serving, and placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. Once designing it, it’s important to take into consideration functionality, safety and also easiness to use from consumers.

On the other hand, the removable part of the handle can be detached from the pot thanks to a unique releasing system. This removal option gives consumers the benefit of stove-to-oven cooking, the handle can be detached quickly by the user and the pot can then be set into the oven to continue the cooking process. The handle can also be removed for easy storage.

Several options are available:

  • Push-button on the handle. Examples: FBM MO SUPER and MO FORTE.
  • A detaching plate. Example: FBM VIRTUS.
  • Clamps. Another option for removable cookware. Clamps are directly connected with the cookware body without a fixed part stuck to the pan body. Therefore, safety is a crucial issue for clamps, and these products must have a high level of engineering to be perfectly matched with cookware body shape.
All these detachable systems give consumers the flexibility to use pots on the stovetop or in the oven. Cookware sets with a removable cookware accessory as a selling feature are attractive to consumers, who are interested in flexible cooking options when they get their cookware for home.Virtus Ambientata_0005-2


Maximum safety is a crucial feature for detachable handles. It is very important that they ensure the perfect condition for the end user when cooking. The fixing and releasing system must be engineered to comply with the highest international standards in terms of cookware safety. Most common regulations are the European EN 12983 and the American CMA Standards. Moreover, a company’s experience in developing detachable handles is crucial in guaranteeing products that are reliable and harmless. F.B.M. offers a full set of specific tests for detachable handles developed in years of experience.


This type of product is getting very popular especially among younger generations who seek for innovation and convenience in the kitchen and love to compare functionalities and features also on line before purchasing.

A key trend in the cookware market is now stackability, meaning the possibility to stack more pots one inside the other. This is a great advantage that can be achieved with detachable handles.

The removable handle offers multiple benefits:

  • SPACE OPTIMIZATION: a set of pots and pans with detachable cookware handles is a highly functional choice. If space is at a premium, the customer has the option of removing the handle for easy storage between uses.
  • VERSATILITY: removable technology offers maximum flexibility in the kitchen allowing to prepare dishes that go from the stove top to the oven safely and easily. When placing the pot or pan in the oven, the consumer simply removes the handles, and it’s ready to go!
  • space saving-1SAVING: The cookware handles can be removed before being placed in the dishwasher to save space when cleaning them. The space-saving feature enables consumers to replace the pot with food directly into the refrigerator by optimizing storage space as well. Not least, a removable cookware set requires less packaging. The products can be shipped with the handle inside the pan body to save space. This type saves money on transportation costs.


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