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F.B.M. Believes in Respecting the Environment and the Rules

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 23 May 2022

The elements that connect us to nature and bring us closer to it will play a leading role in our lives. We look to the kitchen for our peace and comfort; the dining room will become a relaxed area for enjoying meals with family and friends.

One of today’s most pressing issues is environmental awareness. It is a hot topic and it is not just a passing trend, but a new mindset that is changing our lifestyle. From international political strategies to everyday considerations, it is not likely to leave the public eye any time soon.

When you think about the environment and your home, sustainable cookware may not be the first item that comes to mind.

Fortunately, the increased emphasis on eco-friendly products in the housewares industry has sparked the emergence of more sustainable, environmentally safe cookware available for your home. 

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F.B.M. Materials is in Harmony with Nature

F.B.M. 3La Termoplastic is a leading cookware company providing handles for pots and pans. F.B.M. has embraced sustainability for several years now and for the past two years has included it in the company’s strategic plan.

The company has understood the importance of a sustainable approach and has decided to develop and orient its activities towards sustainable business management. This has evolved with the publication of our sustainability report where we highlight the approach that the company has for sustainability, not only for environmental sustainability but on all four pillars (company, people, environment, and business).

Yes, We Cook With Eco-friendly Cookware!

As we said the sustainability trend has reached the housewares industry. Sustainable cookware and kitchen utensils have become popular with consumers.

At the beginning of the eco-friendly trend, cookware manufacturers could only offer changes in packaging. They could also offer natural colors in their product lines to produce the impression of sustainable products. Over time, manufacturers have changed and developed their products so that they can now confidently offer eco cookware featuring sustainable materials recycled to their customers.

For F.B.M. SRL, this translates into the release of new materials that contribute to the company's purpose: “combine the passion and trust of our people in a multinational family that innovates and evolves responsibly to enhance the excitement of people cooking and the well-being of those who choose us."To improve people's well-being in the kitchen, we’d like to share our enthusiasm for sustainability with our beautiful and practical cookware handle products.

  1. ECOSYSTEM: This is the first line of cookware accessories manufactured with natural and regenerated materials. ECOSYSTEM is available in an extensive range of handles, knobs, and side handles. These products are planet-friendly since they are made with recovered materials. FBM also uses natural materials from sustainable, verifiable sources to lower its use of artificial chemicals.
  2. LOOK AT ME: This line is the new version of ECOSYSTEM. It gives you all the benefits of ECOSYSTEM in a handle made from natural raw materials from sustainable sources. The cookware handles and accessories in the LOOK AT ME line are easily distinguished by their unusual green colorSchermata 2022-03-11 alle 09.29.58This natural color comes from the fact that the basic thermoset material is stripped of its black color and no dye is added (dye-free). This dye-free material combined with the natural and regenerated material that is in ECOSYSTEM creates this UNIQUE green shade.
  3. ACTIVE SHIELD: Mindful and sustainable – Nutrition today is a question of health and lifestyle. For more and more people “clean eating” is the starting point for a new and better approach to life. The popular nutrition philosophies require cookware that is:
    - made from safe materials;
    - retains all vital nutrients;
    - and will prevent the proliferation of bacteria.
    ACTIVE SHIELD is aimed at ensuring hygiene and safety in the kitchen. It, therefore, responds to the collective need for well-being linked to hygiene and safety. Therefore, ACTIVE SHIELD is also a sustainable line in a broad sense (it improves the well-being of society).

F.B.M.: Your Reliable Partner for Natural, Sustainable, and Unique Cookware Solutions

ThisWhen you want the best in design, innovation, and certified quality in sustainable cookware handles and pans, look to F.B.M. We have been in business for almost 60 years.

All F.B.M. ECOSYSTEM products and the ACTIVE SHIELD line have been validated and certified by our company and certified by S.G.S. On the one hand, this certification expresses the will of the company to offer superior quality and validated products. On the other, it ensures our customers, are getting a high-quality product.

Kindly contact us today if you have questions about any of our sustainable lines or to arrange a personal consultation.

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