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How to Make a Collection Restyling

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 21 Oct 2019

Cookware was historically seen as something that a consumer only buys when they need and it’s associated with life changes like leaving home or getting married. The new concept of the home as a refuge and a place of comfort where to play with color and design and has become important to the public in recent years and offering purchasers new cookware options to enhance their experience is a good selling point.

When introducing something new to the market, rather than completely put together a new product line, consider collection restyling to offer customers something different that you can get onto store shelves quickly and with lower investments, still having consumers excited about buying seasonal items.

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Collection Restyling Examples to Consider

1. Change the Design, Keep the Features

collage with samples of the best handles produced by la termoplastic fbmFrom previous experience (and sales data), you’ll have a good idea of which types of features appeal to customers in the target market for your new cookware line. Keep the types of features that you know consumers really want such as a characteristics of non-stick coating, induction or classic bottom, good ergonomic, and think about changing the design of the accessories. The purchaser gets an updated product and you can offer a new line without impacting strongly on new product investments.

2. Keep the Design and Accessories, Change the Colors

When you’re considering collection restyling, changing the colors of the accessories is a simple way to give them a whole new look. From a style point of view, this is the equivalent of changing a wall color or replacing decorations in a room - a small change that makes a major impact. If you want some insights on new and trendies colors for cookware handles, have a look at our latest colored handles suggestions in the latest article.

3. Evolve the Packaging to Focus on Cookware’s Unique Selling Point

In releasing the new cookware to the public, take the time to redesign the packaging in detail. Focus on each one of the unique selling points that the new design, color or handle functionality have added to the product. Communicate it strongly and clearly directly on the packaging, visually and with appropriate wording. This is also an opportunity to share with the buyer more technical information about the product that are helpful in making a buying decision.

The consumer wants to be confident that the cookware is going to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Since this is a significant purchase for many buyers, they need to feel confident in their choice before making the final decision.

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