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Living Well - Key Consumer Lifestyle Trends: Implications for Cookware

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 24 Oct 2022

Our homes and the way we live in them have changed. When we have not been able to go out to work, our living rooms and bedrooms have become our offices. The kitchen has become the place where we have discovered our culinary skills and shared new experiences and emotions with family and friends.

The pandemic has changed consumer trends. We found very interesting inspirations by reading the research conducted by Euromonitor International to determine the main global consumer trends. Here we propose some insights based on what we believe will be more significant for the cookware industry in the months and years to come.

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what do consumers look for?

1. Internet Access for Everybody

The modern consumer is an explorer. He reads reviews, compares products, analyzes the internal practices of companies. He does all this from the comfort of his sofa at home in a matter of minutes.
This research undoubtedly makes him more informed and aware. Euromonitor International reports that 57% of the world's population has internet access. Digital technology is rewriting purchasing habits and paths, leading consumers to read up on information online before making a purchase. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation by at least three years. This means that cookware companies have to rethink how and what they present about their products and make always more information and solutions available also on line. A recent reseach from Art, referring to the italian market, reports a growth of  +15% in on line purchasing of  housewares in two years, definetely the fast growing channel.

2. Save Time and Make Life Easier

Always connected doesn't allow us to disconnect. The perception of time is that we have less of it now. That’s why today people are looking for and appreciating those products and services that simplify life and save time in doing things. Household composition is moving away from the nuclear family and living spaces are becoming smaller and more functional. This dynamic is profoundly shaping the home goods industry.

space saving

This can translate into new solutions for cookware products which offer better space optimization and simplify the cooking in our everyday life. To this extent, F.B.M. just launched a brand-new product specifically studied to save space in the kitchen and optimize cooking options thanks to versatility and user friendliness. Contact us to know more about this new product called Virtus, its features represent great value for end-users since it responds to their space and time saving needs.

3. Health safe cookware

Active Shield Alternativo Diagonale copia

Consumers have indicated they are interested in using environmentally and health safe cookware.

"Clean for Health" is a new trend, as personal hygiene and regular household cleaning are essential to enjoy good physical and mental health.

With the current definition of "wellness", we have developed a unique product, Active Shield, to lower the risk of contamination with antibacterial properties and thus improving the everyday wellbeing of people at home. Active Shield offers consumers the features they want for safety and hygiene in the kitchen.

It is the first line of cookware developed with an internal agent to inhibit bacterial growth and  with 99.99% effectiveness.

4. Home Working

Working from home has become an integral and normal part of our lifestyle. More and more companies are starting to see it as a real opportunity and employees appreciates the benefits of saving time and costs in commuting. They can reduce costs and achieve greater efficiency. This also translates into new needs for the kitchen since more people will continue to eat at home and more often. People will be exploring new opportunities to cook at home, paving the way for new growth possibilities for the cookware industry, always ready to innovate and offer solutions to keep up with modern times.

5. Social Responsibility

To be defined as such, sustainability must not be limited to environmental issues, but must extend its philosophy to economic justice and social equity; only in this way is it possible to develop a holistic approach. Sustainability is now a shared theme, and it is essential to integrate the principles of sustainability in the values, culture and governance model of the company, so that this is transversal to the entire organization, moving the ultimate goal from a purely economic connotation to an ethical-social one.

Sustainable cookware products, including luxury cookware, are popular with consumers. Companies committed to social and environmental sustainability will have an advantage with focused consumers, as long as their products can provide quality and present good value. In order to offer new solutions for cookware brands to enhance their offer of cookware products with good sustainable features, F.B.M. has responded to this trend by adopting a CSR policy and developing Ecosystem line of sustainable cookware handles made with natural and regenerated materials. Check out this video about the sustainable line:


F.B.M. knows that for many people “home” has now changed connotation, it has clearly become the center of all interests.

In order to be an experienced and qualified leader in the industry, F.B.M. uses these inspirations to develop new cookware creations that meet the emerging needs of consumers.

Keep following us and discover in our next articles more details about the most relevant consumer trends and their implications in the world of cookware, trends that will redefine the development of your next cookware line.

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