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Sustainable Pots and Pans: How to Transform Cookware

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 6 Nov 2023

Nowadays consumers are more interested in eco and sustainable products than ever. They invest time in looking for brands and previously analyzing their features before taking a buying decision. As a cookware manufacturer, how can you develop sustainable pots and pans that could appeal to consumers? The good news is you have several options available.

How to Transform Cookware

If you are wondering how to evolve to a more sustainable offer, you are not alone. Consumers buying sustainable products is not a fad. Instead, it represents a shift in thinking among the buying public. The following are examples of ideas for sustainable pots and pans.

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1. Familiarize yourself with sustainable product regulations and respect them


Take time to study the main regulations about sustainable claims and self-declarations for your country as well as the destination countries receiving your products. Based on this information, you can apply them in your declarations to remain in compliance with the regulationsThis is very important to guarantee also an ethical and sustainable business approach, overall.

2. Make sure your product’s appearance communicates sustainability

To capture consumer’s interest, the overall appearance of the product must be attractive and pleasing. You can use this to your advantage by adding appealing details that show that your company is committed to sustainability.

In the same time, there is a growing demand for corporate sustainability among homeware industry and retailers are focusing their demand towards companies that can identify socially responsible practices. To obtain and maintain the attention of today’s retailers and consumer, it is important to invest in these practices and of course do business with qualified partners that also invest in safety, quality, and sustainability.

F.B.M. operates on a firm foundation of ethics and love for our environment. Responsibility has been lived and practiced since our earliest days and we have always been committed to sustainability.

F.B.M. with a view to ethical and sustainable development is proud to declare that no PFAS is used in its raw materials.  While it is challenging for individuals to completely eliminate exposure to PFAS, there are measures that can be taken to reduce it. Opting for personal care products and cooking materials that are free from PFAS, and avoiding direct contact with products containing PFAS, can contribute to minimizing exposure.

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3. Focus on key elements and accessories when developing eco-friendly cookware lines

Coatings and accessories are key elements in your cookware line. Use them to impress upon consumers that your product is committed to sustainability. This is your opportunity to show that the product offered is made with environmentally conscious elements without refuse to compromise on quality.

When you are looking at manufacturing a pot or pan that will appeal to modern consumers, handles, knobs and side-handles are important accessories of cookware which can make a distinctive statement if you are using sustainable materials.
To make this, our suggestion is to work with a partner that can provide high-quality products with a green proposition.

4.Marketing packaging for your cookware products is a crucial option

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Consumers are evaluating everything about your product line before they decide to buy, including the way it is packaged. Don’t make the mistake of attracting a potential customer with products with the right colors and materials, offered at a price they are prepared to pay, only to have them walk away because the packaging doesn’t indicate the right information about how it was manufactured.

Do tell customers your perspective clearly and distinctly, informing that your products are made in an environmentally sensitive way. Use symbols and graphics to show them it, so there is no confusion, but always respect the indications of main regulations.

You can now share your achievement of superior environmental performance with stakeholders by using handles, side handles and knobs with performances that have been independently and objectively validated using UL’s rigorous science-based approach

Some of these individuals will be proactively seeking products bearing the ECOSYSTEM mark. In our kit, you will find information on how to best utilize our Logos and our validation, what resources are available to maximize the value of the program and whom to contact, should you have any questions.Image Credits SGS-Jun-16-2023-07-43-20-5349-AM

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