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ECOSYSTEM Earns UL Certification Again for Recycled and Bio-Based Content

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 24 Jun 2024

F.B.M., a leader in the production of cookware components and handles, proudly announces that its ECOSYSTEM line has once again received UL Certification, an esteemed recognition that underscores F.B.M.'s unwavering commitment to sustainability. This certification highlights the company's dedication to a green and sustainable approach across business operations, people, environment, and products.

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F.B.M. continues to lead the industry with its validated cookware accessories made from bio-based, reclaimed, and recycled materials. The renewed UL Certification for its ECOSYSTEM Black and the ECOSYSTEM LOOK AT ME product lines, emphasizes F.B.M.'s commitment to meeting the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.Schermata 2024-06-21 alle 11.02.35

Driven by the pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction, F.B.M. has enhanced the Ecosystem line with the help of a leading global inspection company specializing in sustainability.

F.B.M. focused on certifying its Ecosystem range, specifically:

  • ECOSYSTEM BLACK. This product line aims to be the most sustainable handle range while meeting consumers’ daily needs and retaining the classic black color of cookware accessories.
  • ECOSYSTEM LOOK AT ME. A new, ambitious version of the Ecosystem range, featuring dye-free handles, side-handles, and knobs in a unique greenish color, with each piece being distinct like nature itself.

Both lines offer a significant lifestyle benefit as the only bio-based and recycled cookware components available.

The renewed UL Certification highlights the environmental performance of F.B.M.'s eco-friendly handles, side handles, and knobs, independently validated by UL’s rigorous scientific methods. The kitchen is increasingly seen as an ecosystem dedicated to health and wellness, making the handle—the main point of contact with the pan—crucial for promoting wellness and responsibility.



F.B.M.'s philosophy embraces a 360-degree sustainable approach, aiming to elevate the culinary experience and foster inclusivity and exchange. The renewed UL Certification for the ECOSYSTEM line underscores the brand's dedication to sustainability.

Set Fiftyone - Look at meChoosing products with verified and certified sustainable attributes allows consumers to make responsible decisions and invest in durable cookware. This consideration is vital for creating a sustainable dining space. By investing in eco-friendly and long-lasting kitchen materials, we can reduce environmental impact and promote a healthier planet.

4-May-03-2023-03-26-46-8814-PMF.B.M. carefully selects high-quality, sustainable materials for their cookware handles and accessories. Through advanced design and dedicated R&D, F.B.M. ensures that their products provide a safe and pleasant experience for end-users. The highly automated production process guarantees maximum quality and reliability.

Most of the raw materials come from carefully controlled supply chains to create a virtuous value chain. This has led to the creation of the ECOSYSTEM product line, made from a mix of natural origin raw materials, recycled and regenerated production waste.


F.B.M.'s sustainable approach to cookware accessories and handles underscores its commitment to a greener and more conscious future. By prioritizing well-being, emotional health, and responsibility, F.B.M. creates products that enhance lifestyles in the kitchen. The company’s ECOSYTEM lines and renewed UL Certification is available at a group ‘level from FBM production plants in Italy, China and South America.

Meyer - Set Earthpan copiaThrough F.B.M.'s UL-certified products, individuals can contribute to a more sustainable world while enjoying the benefits of a well-designed, green lifestyle, high-quality, and user-friendly cookware.
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