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Exploring the Latest Sustainability Trends at Trade Shows

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 15 Mar 2023

F.B.M. was thrilled to attend three major international trade fairs recently held in Europe and Americas.

Ambiente that took place in Frankfurt, Germany, ABUP held in São Paulo, Brazil, and the recent The Inspire Home Show in Chicago, United States.

An eventful period and during which our company brought its presence and creative role in the cookware industry to the stage.

Cookware trade shows were put on hold for two years due to the international situations. Therefore, the opportunity to meet and connect with buyers and representatives from international companies was an excellent chance to reconnect, exchange ideas and explore newest trends, sustainability at first.

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Sustainability Trends Takes the Stage at Trade Shows

It became apparent during these events that sustainability is a major theme across all sectors of the cookware industry.

Sustainability in cookware is important to buyer and consumers since they are actively looking for environmentally safe cookware made from sustainable materials. This is a powerful driver, pushing industry experts to look for sustainable materials and ideas to develop new products with planet friendly features.

The trade shows experience was a whirlwind of attending events, workshops, meetings and lectures, allowing F.B.M. to stand out for its sustainable approach.

F.B.M. took time to exchange ideas and discuss sustainability trends and the company’s representatives presented products that were totally focused on the theme of sustainability for cookware.

An ongoing green commitment that has been recognized to F.B.M. with a major award. 
Being named “Ethical Style by Ambiente” at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Ethical Style is a program for exhibitors offering ecologically produced and environmentally safe cookware. IMG_3213

A recognition that honors us and makes us proud of the strategic path we have taken toward a sustainable future.

Moreover, we have also positively impressed the Jury, being selected among the Ethical Style companies for a special interview. During the Sustainability tour, Kees Bronk selected F.B.M. highlighting the extensive sustainability report published by the company and how deep F.B.M. takes sustainability saying: “They are totally sustainable, you can’t believe how deep they take this”.

Enjoy our interview  with Kees!

F.B.M. Committed to Sustainability

F.B.M. has developed a holistic approach to sustainability beyond simply offering a product with sustainable features. The company takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and it’s committed to creating long-term value for its stakeholders, which include its employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities.CSR-Sep-05-2022-12-22-48-26-PM 

Our company produces multiple product lines focused on the theme of sustainability. As outlined in the recent company Sustainability Report, F.B.M. is fully committed to using sustainable materials and reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes

The company has adopted several strategies that include reducing the environmental impact of its products, promoting eco-friendly work ethics, developing new sustainable technologies, and adopting a responsible management philosophy.

F.B.M.’s sustainable development strategy gives the company the chance to stand out due to the quality and innovation of its products

Sustainable-themed Product Lines

F.B.M. boosted three sustainable-themed product lines.


Schermata 2023-03-13 alle 11.07.24This product line features a sustainable handle made from more than 50% natural raw materials and regenerated waste products. All natural raw materials comes from certified sustainable sources. F.B.M. studied a material that combines a thermoset composite with materials regenerated from product waste.

ECOSYSTEM reduced the use of artificial chemicals and replaced them with natural materials obtained from sustainable sources

F.B.M. uses certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) packaging to ensure the paper and wood supply chain is managed to sustain economic viability and preserve diversity.


Schermata 2023-03-13 alle 11.07.06The ECOSYSTEM Look at Me handle is different in appearance from other cookware handles due to its distinctive green color. The greenish color comes from the base material used to make eco-friendly cookware. This material is dye-free and has no added artificial colors.

Since all the products in the ECOSYSTEM LookatMe line are made without pigmentation, each piece has natural color variations. No two handles, side handles, or knobs will look exactly alike. 

F.B.M. displayed these products' raw materials at the trade fairs. It was interesting for our company to open up and share this aspect of production with industry representatives and give them an idea of what is inside the product.

ACTIVE SHIELD Clean Technology

ACTIVE SHIELD is for consumers committed to a healthier and safer lifestyle. It is the perfect choice for those who want good health and hygiene. ACTIVE SHIELD combines a sustainable handle with clean technology to provide the public with a product they can feel good about.

This product line features Clean Handles which avoid contamination and improve the user’s daily well-being. The only part that a user touches a cooking pan during use is its handle, so it makes sense to keep this part of the product as pristine as possible.

Schermata 2023-03-13 alle 11.06.31

A clean cookware handle means there is less chance that bacteria will be introduced into the prepared food. Healthy cooking starts with a clean and safe cooking accessory.

The sustainable product lines were officially launched also in Brazil at the São Paulo trade show. It has been a success. The made-in-Brazil line is available in ECOSYSTEM Black and Look at Me.

Trade Fairs Have Been a Success

On top of sustainable compounds developed by FBM, the company showcased several new products lines of handles, side handles and knobs for cookware, offering its customers and partners a wide variety of Italian designs conceived with tase, ergonomics and functionality.

Some latest launches include handles Edra, Nika, Rocket, Alfa, Sunray, 260 and many others!

F.B.M. is a major player in the cookware industry and a leader in sustainability trends.

Contact us if you are interested to check these new lines of products or to have a dedicated meeting about the sustainability trend in cookware.

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