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How to Develop a Long Lasting Cookware Collection

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 8 Mar 2021

We are seeing that durability is a hot concept gaining momentum everywhere. Having talked about durability pertaining to the cookware market in some of our previous post we now turn our attention on how we can develop a cookware collection that is made to last, meeting the new needs of your consumers.

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To a buyer, purchasing something that will stand up well over the long term translates into providing good value for money. But nowadays, this is not the only reason anymore. There is more and more consciousness about the willingness to purchase products that won’t be wasted any time soon because of their poor quality. This is a key consideration for a modern consumer who is considering a purchase that is conscious, reliable and smart.

Steps Involved in Creating Long Lasting Cookware

The process of making pots and pans that will resonate with consumers has a number of steps. Each one is important to the process and none of them should be ignored if you want to achieve your objective.

The first step in creating a collection that will last over a long time is to choose the best materials for pots and pan in order to provide high quality, safe materials. You’ll want to ensure that you are dealing with certified and guaranteed supply chains.

Invest in high-caliber accessories. These include cookware handles and knobs for pots, pans and lids that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold, as well as being resistant to mechanical and dishwasher stress.

La Termoplastic F.B.M. Certifies Cookware Safety

Silit black pan amazon with handle by la termoplastic fbm1. ASK FOR QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS 

To be sure of the safety of your final products, work with a handle suppliers that is a recognized company. Ask the brand whether they are prepared to offer all the needed quality certifications and guarantees before production starts. Here in F.B.M. we have our own certification process and quality management system for all lines of pot and pan handles, so you can be confident in dealings with the company.


Next, you’ll need to invest the necessary marketing resources to communicate with consumers. This will be achieved using the means of communication they prefer and use to explain the differences in the quality and durability of your product lines. For example, Millennials are used to searching for information online before making a purchase; also for this reason F.B.M. provides precise product sheets, reports and technical info that you can use to communicate in the packaging. This attention to detail gives the customer the information required to make an informed buying decision with ease and adds to the idea of a high-quality product.


The last point is a very important one: be sure to make your long lasting cookware collection recognizable. How? Think of branding them with your logo forever and directly on the product, not just in the packaging. A consumer may not necessarily remember the name of your brand or product line. Placing a special logo directly on the handle for example, is a good and eye-catching idea to make it easier for a consumer to recall the original purchase and to draw in his attention.

Moreover, it serves as a convenient reminder if it has been some time since the original purchase. In this instance, having it visible in the upper part of the cookware so the customer sees it during use. The image associated with your company is an effective way to help to foster brand loyalty but make sure you are delivering the good quality for it.

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