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F.B.M. Invests in Eco-friendly Cookware

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 12 Dec 2022

F.B.M. philosophy toward sustainability  stands out for doing business focusing on Individuals as a fundamental pillar, with special attention being given to Corporate Social Responsibility in its broader meaning.

Responsibility has been lived and practiced since our earliest days and we have always been committed to sustainability. Today, the company aims to make social responsibility one of the strategic pillars at the base of its operations and, in line with this philosophy, our social WHY is to improve consumers' well-being in the kitchen: everything we do aims to cultivate the cooking experience; through a product we interact with daily when preparing food.

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F.B.M. and Corporate Social Responsibility: it’s Time to Act

La Termoplastic F.B.M. has achieved a specific level of knowledge and awareness to make social responsibility one of the pillars forming the base of its operations.


The first step toward this path has been to carry out a Materiality analysis process. The goal is to measure how important social and environmental sustainability values are to the company and its stakeholders.

The results of this important analysis gave us the main points we could work on for building and consolidating value. It encouraged us to invest even more in those areas that can reflect the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the organization such as, products with environmentally friendly characteristics, the enhancement of life in the kitchen as a convivial experience, as well as taking greater care over relations with the local area and local communities.

We also introduced the F.B.M. WE GROW WE WIN program: happiness as a success factor. A company can be a Positive Organization where its employees are happy to come to work because they can express themselves freely and reach their career goals. For our company, being a Positive Organization is a goal that everyone shares and we carried out and an action plan focusing into four target areas: Strategy, Leadership, Processes and Culture.

Handles in cookware: the importance of creating Value

Schermata 2022-12-05 alle 11.08.43When a pot is used for cooking, is washed, or stored in the kitchen, our handles, side-handles and knobs play a key role in ensuring the safety of end users. The handle is the key element that a person uses to interact with a pan, so it has great potential in defining the end users’ choices, from influencing the purchase decision to determine their experience in cooking.

To ensure our products are assembled and used with the utmost safety while minimizing thermal, material, structural and mechanical risks, we adopt production methods based on 6 strategic paradigms:

  • Conscious design
  • Exceed regulatory requirements
  • Carefully selecting suppliers and materials
  • Ensuring full traceability
  • Investing in digitalization
  • Developing human capital as a mark of excellence

F.B.M. designs and develops products to ensure a consistently pleasant and safe experience for the end user. Design is done in-house with a state-of-the-art design center and an excellent research and development department. Production is highly automated, from the moulding department to the packaging department, to ensure maximum product quality and reliability.

The raw materials we use most come from carefully selected and controlled supply chains to create a virtuous value chain.

We gave ourselves the aim of keeping all the impact of our production processes to a minimum. This is a key part of our choices in the context of a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that aims to increasingly integrate sustainability and business.

F.B.M. Handles: YOUR road to Sustainable Cookware

Sustainability trends with their focus on eco-friendly kitchens have led to an increased demand for more sustainable cookware handles, pots, and pans for the home. These materials are planet friendly and sustainable, which makes them more environmentally friendly than traditional cookware made from virgin materials.

We have taken the opportunity to promote a new idea of “well-being” understood in a holistic manner. When we talk about sustainability, we include people’s health and the overall environment.

Below our three lines of environmentally safe cookware:

  • ECOSYSTEM is a planet-friendly collection of cookware accessories made with natural raw materials from sustainable sources and regenerated materials from the reuse of wastes from our internal production. The collection is available with several handles, side handles, and knobs. ECOSYSTEM is eco-friendly by reducing the level of emissions and resources required for manufacturing new products. It is heat resistant and compliant with international regulations.Image Credits SGS copia 6
  • LOOK AT ME handles, knobs, and side handles are made from natural and restored materials using a dye-free compound. This collection stand out due to their unusual greenish tone. All of them are dye free. The LOOK AT ME is also part of the ECOSYSTEM collection for truly sustainable value.Set Victory - LookatMe
  • ACTIVESHIELD can be described as the perfect option for consumers committed to clean and healthy living. This product line has antimicrobial properties for lowering the risk of contamination and thus improving the everyday wellbeing of people at home. Active Shield offers consumers the features they want for safety and hygiene in the kitchen such as:
    - Safe Cooking
    - Cleaner use
    - Continuous protection
    - Healthier choice and Comfortable Touch
    ACTIVESHIELD is a sustainable product line in the broad sense, as it improves consumers’ overall well-being.Progetto senza titolo-Jun-13-2022-03-54-27-13-PM-png

F.B.M. is your Source for Sustainable Pots and Pans

F.B.M. operates on a firm foundation of ethics and love for our environment.

Taking inspiration from our company’s Purposewe combine the passion and trust of our people in a multinational family that innovates and evolves responsibly to make cooking more enjoyable and increase the well-being of those who choose us”, we developed a sustainability vision for F.B.M., with special attention being given to improve the experience of cooking around the world.

Our goal has been to identify and manage the full spectrum of our Economic, Social, and Environmental impacts as well as incorporating sustainable innovations in our daily operations.

Contact us if you have more questions about the sustainability trend in cookware or if you are interested to check this new line of products.

Download F.B.M.'s Sustainability Report

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