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Season's Greetings!

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 20 Dec 2021

2021 has been a very dynamic year marked by important progresses, which gives us hope and positivity for the future.

While we had to stay mainly physically distant changing our customer’s proximity, we all been able to strengthen existing relationships and meanwhile to create new ones around the world also thanks to industry events and connections held remotely.

Also this year we have been oriented toward the future bringing a dynamic force in the industry. La Termoplastic F.B.M. has worked strongly to launch many new products with the Purpose to combine the passion and trust of our people in a multinational family that innovates and evolves responsibly to make cooking more enjoyable and increase the wellbeing of those who choose us.

The home has become the beating heart of our lives, the center of interests, affections and work, that's why many homeowners invested considerable resources making their home a retreat. Spending the majority of their time at home, homeowners started made choices about what cookware features were most important to them: an opportunity to realize what we were missing in our daily lives, rediscovering the pleasure of home living without missing anything. This trend drove the demand for cookware giving the cookware market a very energetic dynamism worldwide.

To satisfy our customers’ needs and to support the market desire to innovate in the cookware industry, we recently launched several new products that provides outstanding features in terms of design, ergonomics, safety and versatility to consumers. Latest launches include handles Rocket, 260, Edra, Super, Virtus, City, Alfa, Nika and Chef.

Moreover, we have invested in creating a very innovative solution knowing that it is crucial for people to feel protected at home and that it is important to keep cooking pans, utensils, and kitchen surfaces clean and sanitary. The company launched an antibacterial product line called F.B.M. ACTIVE SHIELD. It is the first line of cookware accessories with an internal agent capable of inhibiting bacterial growth. Having a product with antibacterial properties inside the material it is made of, it does not allow bacteria to grow on it anymore, therefore, ensuring maximum antibacterial effectiveness.

Furthermore, F.B.M. keeps operating on a firm foundation of ethics and love for our environment, investing strongly in our CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY strategy and evolving F.B.M. offer within the sustainable cookware accessories ECOSYSTEM made with natural and regenerated materials.

Following this path, the ECOSYSTEM collection includes knobs, handles, and side handles in different designs. These products are heat resistant, durable, dishwashing safe and sustainable. They reduce resources and emissions through the employment of recovered material that also lowers the use and consumption of artificial chemicals, replaced by natural materials from sustainable verified sources.

All in all, we firmly maintain the positivity and confidence that distinguish us to work together for a brighter and more satisfying future.

As a small gesture of solidarity made as a good turn to all our partners during Christmas time, in this year F.B.M. donated to FONDAZIONE TELETHON a non-profit organization committed to provide assistance to patients suffering from rare genetic diseases, funding the best scientific research into rare genetic conditions to provide patients with tangible solutions.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a joyful New Year!

The Team at La Termoplastic F.B.M.


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