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Trends in Cookware Handles: Soft Touch Finish, Matte or Glossy? How to Choose

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 7 Dec 2020

In previous posts, we’ve considered upcoming cookware color trends. Selecting a color isn’t enough; you must also choose a finish that will make it look its most attractive to a consumer. F.B.M. recommends that you choose the finish carefully, keeping the target market and the line’s quality in mind.

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Cookware HANDLES Trends and Finishes

Every available color can be enhanced by the choice of finish. However, this detail must be in line with market positioning and the customer’s preference, as well as with top international quality standards which must outstand in visual apperance and long lasting durability. 

Each finish provides a very different effect that can also change the tone of color used for the cookware handles.

Most common options for colorful coated handles are:

  • pot handle in sage green color and soft touch finish by la termoplastic fbmSoft Touch: this finish adds a special touchy feeling to the cookware handles,  side handles and knobs, providing a sensation of softness and pleasantness. Sage is a new hot color that is really appreciated since it reminds consumers of the outdoors and nature.  When a soft touch finish is added to sage color handles, it fits this popular concept very well.
  • Glossy Finish: add a special shiny effects to the color making it very brilliant and outstanding. For example, Mediterranean Blue and shades reminiscent of water are very trendy in glossy finish pots and pans fitting the “water” concept very well. The same is true for the new Green Lime top color, to make a bold statement with cookware, customers can choose a glossy finish in these lime colors! Glossy finishes  are a great match especially for enamel and stainless steel cookwares. pot handle in wood color and matte finish by la termoplastic fbm
  • Matte Effect: is a very delicate but with personality finish which conveys a classic and ageless look. A good try? Lilac is a clean choice for interior spaces. Pair it with a matte finish in colorful cookware to carry this idea into the kitchen. Try it also on wood style handles, providing an even more natural and real effect.

Moreover, customers haven’t lost their taste for natural colors like beige, wood and terra cotta in their cookware matte finish goes very well with these color options. Terra cotta looks very attractive when matched with a glossy finish, too!

F.B.M. La Termoplastic is a cookware handles supplier with many years of experience. We can advise you about the right color and finish for your product, positioning and the market of reference, and provide you with the best quality for colored handles to guarantee a long lasting cookware range.

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