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Trends in Cookware Handles: Wood Effect, Soft Touch Finish, Matte or Glossy? How to Choose

by La Termoplastic F.B.M. on 15 Apr 2024

Color remains a primary medium for conveying messages in cookware and bakeware design, instantly leaving an impression with the chosen tone. The color of a product communicates its attributes and perceived value. 

Consumers now invest more time evaluating a product's functionality prior to purchase, seeking items that assure a sense of well-being.  Additionally, the world of Nature has emerged strongly, impacting in colors and material choices, as a significant consideration influencing the choice of a product. 

This megatrend also brings more focus on the home and the activities inside our city retreat. This theme fits in with the idea of bringing nature into the home, as well as making home a place where its occupants can relax and get away from the world outside.

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Cookware HANDLES Trends and Finishes

In previous posts, we’ve considered upcoming cookware color trends. Selecting a color isn’t enough; you must also choose a finish that will make it look its most attractive to a consumer. F.B.M. recommends that you choose the finish carefully, keeping the target market and the line’s quality in mind.

Every available color can be enhanced by the choice of finish. However, this detail must be in line with market positioning and the customer’s preference, as well as with top international quality standards which must outstand in visual apperance and long lasting durability. 

Each finish provides a very different effect that can also change the tone of color used for the cookware handles.

Most common options for colorful coated handles are:

  • Soft Touch: this finish adds a special touchy feeling to the cookware handles, providing a sensation of softness and pleasantness. 

  • Glossy Finish: Glossy Finish: add a special shiny effects to the color making it very brilliant and outstanding. For example the new Green Lime top color, to make a bold statement with cookware, customers can choose a glossy finish in these lime colors!
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  • Matte Effect: is a very delicate but with personality finish which conveys a classic and ageless look. Try it also on wood style handles, providing an even more natural and real effect.
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  • Wood Effect: Wood style handles are really appreciated since they remind consumers of the outdoors and provide a warm and natural effect.  Wood effect can be done in multiple tones and patterns. the market usually appreciate them in soft touch, but any finishing effect can actually be applied.

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Independently from the color and finishing effect you choose, Quality is a key issue for coated handles, since they have to be in compliance with the international standards for safety and do not contain substances of very high concern. FBM performs strict tests al all its coated products and only offer the bests options, to provide partners and end consumers with good quality colorful handles.

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